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How to Get a Golden Lure in Pokemon GO

Send paper for gold.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Golden Lures

With the Season of Rising Heroes coming to Pokemon GO in March, one of the flagship Pokemon will be Gimmighoul. This has been leaked far in advance, but now we know for sure that the Coin Hunter Pokemon is making a debut, and items like the Golden Lure can be earned.

Obtaining the items tied to Gimmighoul won’t be as easy as completing some Special Research tasks though. Instead, the debut of the Coin Hunter Pokemon will be tied to the Scarlet and Violet mainline games. Our guide will go over exactly how to connect both games and get some Golden Lures for yourself in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO – How to Get a Golden Lure

Before trying to collect any items for the Gimmighoul debut, you need to connect your GO account to either Scarlet or Violet on the Nintendo Switch. Once they’re connected, you can start sending the Postcards you collect in GO to either of the mainline games for some rewards.

For the Golden Lure specifically, you’ll need to send multiple Postcards to your Scarlet or Violet account. After enough cards have accumulated, you’ll start to earn items like the Coin Bag and the Lure. The Coin Bag can only be used once per day to catch the Roaming Gimmighoul, but the Golden Lure in Pokemon GO can be used on multiple stops as long as you have the resources.

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When you finally earn a lure of your own, it will last for about one day and will turn the PokeStop into a Golden PokeStop. This conversion will allow you to start spinning for coins. You’ll need 999 Gimmighould coins to evolve it into a Gholdengo. Before even thinking about all these coins though, you’ll need plenty of Postcards in Pokemon GO.

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