How to Get Gold in Grave Decision Mysterium in Spider-Man 2

Tricks to earn treats

Grave Decision Mysterium Spider-Man 2
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The Grave Decision Mysterium is one of many challenges around the city in Spider-Man 2 that Mysterio needs to test. Compared to the others, this one can be tough to master because of the need for perfection, but the right tools can make it all much easier.

How to Earn Gold in Grave Decision for Spider-Man 2

To earn Gold in the Grave Decision Mysterium, you need to defeat three waves of enemies without taking any damage. If you get hit even once, you will be moved to a silver reward at best, so playing perfectly is mandatory. At first, it seems like a daunting task, but Miles has plenty of tools at his disposal to wipe out enemies quickly.

Grave Decision Gold Prima Games.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The first wave is the easiest, and I recommend using the Web Grabber to tether a group of goons together. As they get tangled, use your web shooters on any surrounding enemies. I prioritized the ranged goons first, so I didn’t catch any stray bullets. Then I took out the remainder of the ones stuck in the Web Grabber.

Round two is where a version of Mysterio shows up, and some Brutes jump in. Here is where I started to use my abilities, such as Chain Lightning. You want to spam as many abilities as you can and mix in gadgets as well. Your goal is to minimize the enemies in the arena before attacking the ranged users. Finishers are also a great way to instantly get rid of Brutes or stop yourself from taking damage.

In the final round, you want to use the Venom Blast special to vaporize as many enemies in an AOE attack instantly. If you can use the Web Grabber, it’s even easier to get rid of them. For any that aren’t caught up in the blast, you now have recharged abilities and more focus bars. Keep dodging and use your finishers on the remaining goons.

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