How to Get Gold in Under Construction Mysterium in Spider-Man 2

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Under Construction Mysterio Spider-Man 2
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Multiple Mysteriums can be found throughout New York City in Spider-Man 2, but only a few, like Under Construction, make earning gold a real challenge. It might take you multiple attempts to finish this challenge, but our guide will help you quickly destroy Mysterio’s goons and secure the gold medal.

How to Earn Gold in Under Construction for Spider-Man 2

To earn Gold in the Under Construction Mysterium, you need to defeat 20 enemies in 60 seconds or less. Considering you have to play as Miles, we suggest using as many gadgets as you can, like the Sonic Bursts, to knock enemies over the edge or into each other. Don’t use your Venom Blast until the second phase of the fight.

Spider-Man 2 Mysterium
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When you take down at least 10 enemies, you will be transported to one of the random Mysterio quote rooms. Once Miles reads the quote, you are brought back to the arena. You will need to take down another 10 enemies within around 30 seconds. This is where we dumped all of our abilities, such as the Chain Lightning and Thunder Burst. If you have plenty of upgrades by this point, you can even double up on some moves.

Take out the enemies on the edge platforms before heading to the center, where the remaining goons will be waiting. At this point, you want to use the Mega Venom Blast. It has a massive area of effect (AOE) radius, and it will instantly vaporize anyone left standing on the middle platform. This worked like a charm in our 50-second run for Gold in Under Construction.


You can heal from the poison gas by using the Focus Bar. This is down on the d-pad for Playstation. Make sure to only heal from poison gas at low health.

You might be tempted to use finishers or your Vemon Blast early for more focus charges. We highly recommend refraining because the finishers eat up your time. It’s not worth pulling off six finishers in 30 seconds. The goal is to dish out as much Area of Effect (AOE) damage as possible or knock enemies over the edge.

Where to Find the Under Construction Mysterium

This Mysterium is located in the northeastern most part of Harlem. You’ll need to enter the Roxxon Plaza, where you’ll find the big green glowing beacon to activate. It’ll be in a wide open area, right in front of the Roxxon Plaza sign and sky bridge. You can’t miss it.

All Mysterium Challenges in Spider-Man 2

Here’s a list of all Mysterium challenges you can do in Spider-Man 2

  • The Invisible Enemy – Midtown.
  • Everyone’s a Critic – Central Park
  • Road Rage – Williamsburg
  • Punch Your Ticket – Downtown Queens
  • Fear of Heights – Downtown Brooklyn
  • Grave Decision – Williamsburg
  • Under Construction – Harlem
  • Prison Break – Upper East Side
  • Fight on Time – Chinatown
  • Grand Finale – Downtown Brooklyn

If you’re still figuring out what abilities you want, check out our guide on the 15 best skills to get first in Spider-Man 2.

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