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How to Get Giant Kemono Gems in Wild Hearts

Crack open this Giant Kemono if you want those gems

by Daphne Fama

If there’s one thing that Wild Hearts knows how to do, it’s lure you into committing genocide against some of the most monstrous creatures around. After all, how else are you going to craft and upgrade your weapons and armor? But not all crafting materials are easy to come by. Here’s how to get Giant Kemono Gems in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Giant Kemono Gems in Wild Hearts

Giant Kemono are beautifully designed monsters, capable of harnessing nature in order to terraform their territory and make you (and everyone in Minato) suffer. But the Earthbreaker takes nature to the next level. This beast is essentially rock incarnate, with a thick outer skin of solid stone.

And yet, if you want Giant Kemono Gems, this is the creature you’re going to have to farm. If you’re struggling to bring the Earthbreaker down, you’re in good company. This Giant Kemono has no Hunter Arm weak points, is absolutely immune to ailments like Ablaze and Fatigue, and shrugs off earth damage like it’s nothing.

He is weak to Wind and Fire Damage, and the best weapons to bring to his mountainous façade are Pummel and Lunge. Using these attributes and weapon types, you can slowly whittle away his massive health bar, toppling him once and for all.

 Once you do, there’s a chance he’ll drop Giant Kemono Gems, but there’s no guarantee.

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Fortunately, you can continuously farm out this fight. Head back to town, then turn around from where you spawn in. At the very top, high above the dock, will be a woman who offers you the side quest to beat Earthbreaker again. It’s in the same area where the festival was held.

Good luck bringing down that earth titan and getting all the gems you could ever need.

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