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How to Get Fish in Sons of the Forest

Keep yourself fed.

by Jesse Vitelli

Sons of the Forest is all about ensuring your survival through any means necessary. Like other games in the survival genre, you’ll need to eat, drink, and gather materials to continue pushing forward on creating the ultimate haven against the elements, on top of killing hordes of creepy mutants and other creatures alike. An excellent way to stay fed in this world is by obtaining and eating fish. How do you get fish in Sons of the Forest? We have the answer for you below.

How to Get Fish in Sons of the Forest

Fish can be found in rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. Early on, rivers will be your best option for finding fish because of how shallow they are.

Look in the river, and if you see a fish swimming, use your axe or another weapon to kill it. You can then collect it and put it in your inventory using the E key. If you hold E, you will eat the fish raw, which gives you far less hunger meter than if you were to cook it. If you tap the E key, you will add it to your inventory.

Be sure to check rivers, lakes, and the ocean for fish. Deeper waters will require more comprehensive tools to catch fish efficiently, so stick to rivers early on. A river shouldn’t be too far away, even if you are incredibly inland at your starting location.

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Another way you can get fish in Sons of the Forest is by using your robot buddy Kelvin. Go up to him, and a small notepad with options will come up. Click on “Get,” then select “Fish,” and then click “Follow Me.”

Kelvin will now follow you, and any water nearby, he will collect fish for you. Sometimes it’s a little finicky as the game is working out some kinks, but Kelvin should help obtain fish for the player now.

Eventually, you will have a fish, like this one.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get fish in Sons of the Forest. Check out how to craft arrows.

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