How to Get Fire Incantations in Star Ocean The Divine Force

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Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Welch here, because thanks to her scavenger hunt shenanigans we’ve lined up a whole set of articles. Shoutouts to Welch and her weird requests. Sadly, this is the last one we’ll be looking at. Or… is it? Either way, it’s weirdly anti-climactic, but the final Item Creation quest from Welch is bizarrely easy. She wants five Fire Incantations, and you can get them with almost zero effort.

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The idea of the quest is the same as all the others in this line. You’re intended to use the previous Item Creation method you unlocked from the previous quest. In this case, you’re supposed to use Authoring to turn various kinds of paper into Fire Incantations as you level up that skill. But the time and money it takes to level up crafting is undermined by this item’s extremely low cost.

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You can just roll into a shop and buy Fire Incantations for 100 Fol each. That’s comically low, especially considering how much you may have forked out for some Mithril, or the amount of time and money you spent if you opted for the crafting route. But for the last one, you can just pick up some chump change off the ground if you need to. It’s very silly.

For completing this minimal task, you unlock the final piece of Star Ocean’s elaborate Item Creation crafting system: Synthesis. This lets you customize weapons by altering and adding “factors” from other weapons. You can lock the ones you want to keep, and add up to five factors on one weapon. Each character has to do their own synthesizing, however, making this a real sicko system. Grind Gamers only!

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