How to Get Filthy Rich in The Devil In Me

Get rich or die trying, probably literally

If there’s one thing that Supermassive Games loves, it’s collectibles. There’s secrets, premonitions, and framed photos galore to find and collect. But The Devil In Me may’ve outdone themselves with this latest money-gathering scheme.

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The Curator will show you in his study a silver coin, which was once used by the dead to gain their passage across the River Styx. These coins are Obols, Greek currency, and they’re scattered across the many chapters The Devil In Me has to offer. With them, you can buy dioramas – 3D figurines of characters and specific scenes you’ll encounter through your playthrough.

But these dioramas are far from cheap and there are so many to collect. Plus, there’s even an achievement for gathering 200 of them. While that can seem like a slog, it’s important to note that Obols carry different values. Some might only be worth 1, others up to 10. But even more important than that, Obols aren’t one-time pickups.

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That’s right, you can pick up the same Obol again and again. But before you start reloading your saves, here’s all the Obols you can find, plus the best ones to farm, listed in chronological order.

Where to Find Obols in The Devil In Me

  1. The first Obol is impossible to miss. Once you break into the lighthouse yard, you’ll see a toolbox on the ground. A crow will be perched on top of it. Pick it open with Charlie’s tie pin.
  2. Obtainable after you begin controlling the “injured” Kate. Head down the path immediately in front of you. There will be a gate to the left, where you can see the pier. Approach it and on the ground will be the second Obol.
  3. Once you’ve climbed atop the trolley cart’s roof and entered a new section with Kate, there will be a shed immediately to the right. Go behind it on the left-hand side to find an Obol on the ground.
  4. Once you begin trying to repair the trolley, Kate will climb up onto a stone pillar to try to enter a locked area. Before you do, turn right before you drop down, then climb onto a long ledge. At the end will be the fourth Obol.
  5. Once you control Mark, head down the hallway. When Erin turns right and you can see the landing overlook the lobby, turn left instead and head down the short hallway towards the painting. On the floor will be the fifth Obol.
  6. As Mark, you’ll enter a library. When you’re prompted to climb up, immediately turn around upon reaching the second floor. There in the rubble will be the sixth Obol.
  7. When following the blood trail in the lobby with Charlie and Jamie, turn right. On your left-hand side will be a large cabinet. On the floor beside it is the seventh Obol.
  8. When you’re controlling Jamie and trying to find the others, you’ll descend the stairs and start hearing a little girl’s voice. At the bottom of the stairs, instead of continuing to the door, turn back to search the space behind the stairs. There will be the eighth Obol.
  9. When you wake up as Charlie in the basement, you’ll have to progress through three locked rooms. When you finally get through these rooms, you’ll need to vault over fallen boxes. Do so and immediately turn left. There will be a desk with a locked drawer. Charlie will need to use a business card to open. Do so, and you’ll find an Obol.
  10. When Jamie and Mark fall through the spa’s floor, vault over the lockers. Down at the very end of the corridor is an open door on the left. Enter the room and look at the floor on the right side of the room.
  11. When Jamie and Mark jump down into the construction zone, turn right and head towards a sink. There beside it will be the eleventh Obol.
  12. After Jamie gets the master spa key, turn left before heading back to Erin. At the end of the short path, you’ll find an Obol.
  13. After Mark falls through the chute, turn right towards the prison door. Right beside it on the floor is an Obol.
  14. When controlling Mark in the workshop, you’ll enter into a room with a mannequin that asks you to press a button. In the same room, closest to the door that you’ll have to leave through, is a corner. Go into the corner and find an Obol on the ground. It will be beside the first aid locker.
  15. When controlling Charlie after the failed incineration attempt, you’ll enter a large pipe room. Go through the large room and enter into the only room available on the right. Immediately upon entering this room, check behind the door. There’s a toolbox with an Obol behind it.
  16. Obols 16 and 17 are the best to farm. When Jamie leaves the control room in order to try to bait the killer, turn immediately right. On a desk beside you will be an Obol.
  17. When Jamie goes to find the killer to bait him, head into the dark room. You have no choice but to enter. After you shimmy past the mirror and vault over the obstruction, turn immediately right. There on the floor will be an Obol. To farm Obols, restart the section with a new save. Skip exploring the data center room and only interact with the blueprint on screen. Repeat until satisfied.
  18. When controlling Erin in the maze, you’ll need to find the switch for the electricity box. Head up the stairs, and instead of going towards the control panel with three buttons, go down the dead end instead. There on the ground between two barrels will be the Obol.
  19. When Erin descends into the secret passage beneath the carousel, go behind the bar. There on the counter will be an Obol.
  20. When controlling Mark at the pool, head into the changing rooms. When you can get to the point where you can crawl beneath an obstacle, do so. Turn right, and you’ll find the Obol on a massage table.
  21. When controlling Charlie, who’s just emerged from the basement, you’ll hear Mark. Before you find Mark, head straight across the yard, towards the very far edge. There, near the circle of trees, will be an Obol.
  22. When controlling Charlie on his search for Mark, you’ll descend a series of stone drops. Head beneath the fallen tree, then turn left. At the dead end on the ground will be an Obol.
  23. While playing as Charlie looking for Mark, you’ll need to jump down after you pass by a plank. Do so, and circle around the rock you were just on until you see a wall of vines. There beneath the vines will be the Obol.
  24. When controlling Charlie and in the company of Mark, you’ll eventually end up in the killer’s preparation room. In the same room where bodies are hanging, you’ll need to ascend to the second floor. Turn right, and enter into the next room. Immediately to your right will be a toolbox on the floor. Open it and you’ll get your next Obol.
  25. A decent Obol farm. You’ll find it immediately after taking control of Jamie, while in the company of Kate and Erin, and while tasked with navigating the woods. Jump over the logs to your right side and the Obol will be to your right. There’s only one Obol to farm here, but the cutscene you’ll have to wait through is relatively short.
  26. While in the forest with Jamie and Kate, approach the house on the lake. But before you cross the bridge, turn left. Investigate the area enclosed by a white picket fence. There on the ground will be an Obol.
  27. After Mark and Charlie enter the lighthouse through the window, turn around immediately. Beneath the window will be an Obol.
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