How to Get Fiber in Palworld

Don't let your Pals sleep on the ground!

Palworld Fiber Featured

There are plenty of items and resources to find in Palworld, and one of them is Fiber. We’ll tell you how to get Palworld fiber in our guide down below.

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Where to Find Fiber in Palworld

Fiber is mainly found by chopping down trees. They will easily come down from the trees alongside a few pieces of wood once you start hitting the trees. Trees respawn a few minutes after they’ve been cut down, so there will never be a shortage of them even if you wanted to. Fibers will still drop from trees even when using your bare hands, but Axes make your life way simpler.

Alternatively, some Pals may also drop the resource when defeated. Hoocrates is one of the earliest Pals you can farm for it, so you can hunt for a few of these if you need some Fiber. Hoocrates spawns next to where you first started the game (around 228, -525), but only during the night.

Finally, you can also get it from the Crusher in your base. You can build it after learning its recipe from Technology Level 8 and you can use it to turn your extra Wood into Fibers immediately. This is the most efficient way to get those unless you like chopping down trees for a whole day.

Fiber is used for many recipes and constructions such as the Ranch and Straw Pal Beds. You’ll need more beds as you level your base, so you’ll need some extra Fiber eventually. You also end up getting more wood during the process, which will always be useful no matter where you are in the game.

Logging Foreman Pals in Palworld

Logging Foreman is a passive skill that pals have a chance of having. Logging Foreman grants a 25 percent increase to player logging efficiency, which is incredibly helpful for those looking for the extra boost. You can also find pals with this gold skill, put them into your party, and cut down trees much faster.

The speed at which you cut down trees is heavily influenced by how good your axe is. You can unlock the Metal Axe at level 11 in the Technology unlock tree. A Metal Axe costs 15x Stone, 20x Wood, and 5x Ingot to make. You unlock the Stone Axe at level 1, and it costs 5x Stone and 5x Wood to make.

And if you need more Fiber immediately, you can always disassemble any item that uses it to get your full resources back, and then re-create said item (if you still need it) once you’re free to catch more Fiber. There’s just too much to build here at all times.

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