How to Get Wool in Palworld

Create some cozy, fuzzy armor for you and your Pals

Palworld wool
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In Palworld, you’ll have to gather numerous resources to build your base, create gear for your character, and prepare for the game’s various challenges. Let’s talk about how to get wool and how you can use it during your playthrough.

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How to Get Wool in Palworld

You can get wool from Pals such as Lamball, Cremis, and Melpaca. You’ll get some as a common drop by catching them with a Pal Sphere or defeating them in battle, which you can use to craft cloth for armor and structures.

Lamball is your best bet for getting a bunch of wool in the early game. You can catch ten Lamball to get EXP boosts to start your playthrough while getting nearly a dozen wool to turn into cloth. From here, whenever you need more, you can focus on Cremis and Melpaca, who also appear early in the game, before searching the world for other Pals that drop this material.

What Is Wool Used for in Palworld?

Once you get some wool, you can bring it to a workbench and turn it into cloth. You need two for every cloth, so make sure you find plenty of Pals to catch.

You can use your cloth to create armor from here, giving you a defense boost and weather resistance. Certain armor types give you cold resistance, while others help you with the heat. Another use of cloth is creating gliders, which you can use to descend from high places or across gaps safely.

You’ll also need wool and cloth to create structures such as the shoddy bed and Pal Gear Workbench, with more recipes available later on requiring these resources. Keep some spare in your storage chests in case you need some later.

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