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How to Get Eternal Warrior in Destiny 2

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by Daphne Fama

When it comes to Exotic Titan Helmets, the options have always been a little lackluster at worst and situational at best. That is certainly the case for the Season 3 Exotic Titan Helmet, Eternal Warrior. If you would like to try it out for yourself or if you are just trying to complete your collection, here is how to get Eternal Warrior in Destiny 2.

How to Get Eternal Warrior in Destiny 2

Eternal Warrior is a Helmet that triggers its Exotic Perk, Resolute, when you are using Fists of Havoc. While you are in the midst of this Super, you will gain an Overshield of 75 HP. And, yes, that’s all.

At least it looks kind of cool? Essentially, it transforms your Guardian into a living Greek warrior statue. Certainly it is less disfiguring than Precious Scars. As for how to get it, most of the time it boils down to luck. Eternal Warrior is one of the earliest Exotic armor drops and thus it is not associated with any Expansion. This means that it can be obtained from any random Golden/Exotic Engram. For example, the Exotic Engrams in your Season Pass or the ones purchasable from Xur for Legendary Shards.

Speaking of Xur, this Agent of the Nine is one of the first vendors you should check to see if he has an Exotic available. If you are curious to know what Exotics are currently in his possession, a great resource is Where is Xur?, a site that will tell you where Xur is, for how long, and what items he currently has available.

 Is Eternal Warrior Good in Destiny 2?

If you are wondering if Eternal Warrior is worth picking up, the answer is probably no. It is an Exotic that only sees value when you use your Super and then provides very middling buffs with its HP boost. It is rare that you will be knocked out of your Fists of Havoc by PvE enemies and while it might save you periodically in PvP, you are better off with another Exotic.

For PvE, consider Precious Scars. For PvP, consider Helm of Saint-14.

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