How to Get Electromagnetic Bomb (S) in Star Ocean The Divine Force

The "S" stands for Stupid, because that's how you feel after crafting 200 duck bombs

It’s time for another Star Ocean side quest guide. With our recurring special guest star, Item Creation! A lot of these things are definitely going to be me repeating myself until my fingers stop working from Carpal Tunnel. But this is how I’m making my living I guess. As you go along through The Divine Force, Welch will eventually ask you for a stack of “Electromagnetic Bomb (S).” And unlike the last one of these, it’s not as easy to just buy ‘em.

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As I’ve alluded to, Electromagnetic Bomb (S) is something you can make with crafting. Specifically, you’ll need to use engineering and someone with affinity to that, such as Midas or Elena. Now, many guides out there will say to take care of this quest you’ll need to farm Electro-transmitters. This is not accurate, thank goodness. You can make these bombs with any engineering ingredients, including Lodestones.

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You just gotta have patience and deep pockets. These materials are more expensive than the cheaper ores, so getting full stacks will set you back several thousand Fol. A stack of Mechanical Gears, the step up from Lodestones, is somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000. But hey, the transmitters are even more expensive and don’t show up until quite a ways into the story. You can also farm them via the glowing green pickups in the Nibeth area.

This seems to be an emerging pattern I’m noticing with how Item Creation works in Star Ocean The Divine Force. At least early on, a lot of craftable items are ingredient-agnostic to some degree. This likely changes the deeper in you get, but at the early stages of appeasing Welch and levelling up your crafters, just stockpile whatever you can grab and craft away. Worry about the specifics later.

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