How to Get Divinity in Destiny 2 (2023)

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If there’s one weapon you’ll see being discussed during raids, it’s Divinity. This Exotic Trace Rifle is meant for big, beefy bosses, and almost every raid team can benefit from one. Here’s how to get Divinity in Destiny 2 (2023).

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How to Get Divinity in Destiny 2 (2023)

Divinity is an Exotic Trace Rifle that offers three things: sustained damage, a weakening debuff on its target, and burst damage. A weakened enemy takes on more damage and is slowed, making it much easier for your fire team to pile on the damage. This makes damage phases much easier to get through. But getting Divinity in your inventory will require some patience and skills.

First, you’ll need the Shadowkeep Expansion. If you don’t have it, Divinity is simply out of reach. With that foundational step out of the way, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Step 1. Complete the Divine Fragmentation Quest

To get this quest, you’ll need to go to the moon and head to Sorrow’s Harbor. Go to Sorrow’s Harbor and open your map. You’ll see a corridor at the very South part of Sorrow’s Harbor, with the Strike Icon right below it. Go through this Southern pass and you’ll arrive at the Lunar Battlegrounds.

Once you load into Lunar Ballegrounds, turn left. You’ll enter a cave system. Head to the very back, where you’ll see a Vex gate. As you approach it, it will glow white and begin summoning Vex. Defeat the hordes and Zeteon, Redemptive Mind, will walk through the gate.

Defeat this giant Minotaur and it will drop a golden engram. It’s not an Exotic, it’s some sort of core. And it’s the trigger of the Divine Fragmentation, which has four steps:

  • Scan Vex Cores on Nessus.
  • Collect 120 Vex parts by killing Vex on the moon.
  • Collect 30 Phantasmal Fragments to buy Empowered Decryption Core at the Lectern of Enchantment.
  • Solver laser puzzles in the Garden of Salvation raid.
  • Defeat the final boss during the same raid run.

The first step is obscure but, fortunately, we already have a guide on it.

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As for the rest, it’s straightforward until we get to the Garden of Salvation. This Shadowkeep raid has seven puzzles, and you’ll need to do all seven in order to get Divinity. Once the puzzles are complete, start the final encounter and bring down the boss. With that step done, you’ll be able to claim Divinity.

If you’re curious about other weapons great from the raid, here’s a guide on how to get Thunderlord: How to Get Thunderlord in Destiny 2.

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