How to Get Depleted Uranium Rounds in Starfield

Don't tell anyone you're using depleted uranium to take down your enemies!

Starfield Weapon Workbench
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For anyone who enjoys diving headfirst into the research and crafting systems of games like Starfield, then the Settled Systems should feel like a dream. There are so many options to unlock through the research bench and so many modifications to craft once you do. One such weapon mod is Depleted Uranium Rounds, a robust Magazine and Barry mod capable of increasing damage and penetrating armor. Here is how to get Depleted Uranium Rounds in Starfield!

Where to Get Depleted Uranium Rounds in Starfield

If you wish to craft Depleted Uranium Rounds for your favorite weapon in Starfield, first visit a Research Bench and then a Weapon Workbench. You must unlock Magazine and Battery Mods 2 at the former before crafting the weapon mod for specific guns at the latter.

To research Magazine and Battery Mods 2, you need:

  • Weapon Engineering (Rank 2)
  • 8x Lead
  • 5x Titanium
  • 5x Adhesive

To craft Depleted Uranium Rounds at a Weapon Workbench, you require:

  • 3x Sealant
  • 3x Lead
  • 3x Uranium

Between the two, that’s quite a bit of resources and high requirements that will require a few levels under your belt. Is it worth the trouble, though? Absolutely. The damage increase Depleted Uranium Rounds offer is worth the effort. They work on various railguns and a few other pieces, such as:

Where to Find the Resources

To summarize, you require Sealant, Lead, and Uranium to craft Depleted Uranium Rounds for your weapons.


You can loot Sealant from enemies and chests scattered throughout points of interest, but the best option is to simply buy it from a vendor. The following vendors sell Sealant in Starfield:

  • Shepherd’s General Store, Akila City
  • Jemison Mercantile, New Atlantis
  • UC Distribution Center, New Atlantis
  • UC Exchange, Cydonia
  • Denis Averin, Cydonia
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon
  • General Goods, The Key
  • New Homestead Store, New Homestead
  • Clint’s Collectibles, Gagarin Landing
  • General Store, Paradiso


You’ll find Lead on various planets throughout the galaxy, including but not limited to:

  • Jemison
  • Mars
  • Magreth
  • Venus
  • Sumati
  • Maal IV
  • Frost
  • Freya III
  • Alpha Marae I
  • Heisenberg II
  • Bondar
  • Volii Epsilon
  • Pontem
  • Hyla II

Alternatively, some general goods stores in main cities do sell limited quantities of Lead.


Like with Lead, your best bet is to find a resource-heavy planet to source Uranium. A few stores across the galaxy do sell limited supplies, so if you require a lot, be prepared to travel to a few systems.

Otherwise, look on the following planets for Uranium:

  • Syrma II
  • Marduk II
  • Algorab I
  • Archimedes VI
  • Sirius II-a
  • Heisenberg V
  • Bardeen I
  • Maal VI-a
  • Lontrah
  • Delah
  • Ursa Major I
  • Strix I
  • Feynman I
  • Cassiopeia III

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