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How to Get Defiant Keys in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Don't miss out on seasonal loot.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Defiant Keys

Every season of Destiny 2 has a flagship activity that players can grind for themed loot and weekly challenge progress. With the launch of the Lightfall expansion and the Season of Defiance, we have a new currency in the form of Defiant Keys to start earning some more of that themed loot.

If you have access to the Artifact for the season and the Week 1 challenges, you’ll notice that keys are required for progress there as well. To help you get your loot and progress through the challenges, we’ll go over how you can start collecting Defiant Keys for Destiny 2 in our guide.

Destiny 2 Lightfall – How to Get Defiant Keys

This season’s activity is labeled as the Defiant Battlegrounds, and like most of the others, you can spend your seasonal currency upon completion to open up additional chests. Although you need keys for the Battlegrounds, you won’t actually earn them here. Instead, Guardians will need to complete various activities across the game.

With some Season of Defiance bounties in hand, and the Artifact ready to level up, there are plenty of general activities you can pursue for Defiant Keys such as Vanguard Ops playlists or even the Lightfall Campaign missions themselves. Below you can find a short list of activities that have a chance to reward the Defiant Keys you’re looking for.

  • Lightfall Campaign Missions
  • Vanguard Ops Playlist
  • Terminal OVerload in Neonuma
  • Raids
  • Gambit Matches
  • Crucible Matches

Once you have a key in Destiny 2, you can head back to the Defiant Battlegrounds and run through for some seasonal loot like armor or red border weapons. You can complete the activity without Defiant Keys as well, but you won’t be able to open up the extra chest as a final reward.

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