How to Get Cyphered Tablets in MW3 Zombies

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Cyphered Tablets are a reoccurring item that players will need in the Zombies mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. However, it is not an item that players can get consistently or will need to, but here is how to get them when necessary.

How to Find Cyphered Tablets in MW3 Zombies

Cyphered Tablets are essentially documents that players will need to pick up to complete objectives in various missions, and usually drop while completing other requirements in the same mission. These are are gold-colored items that do not take up an inventory slot.

For example, the Hands Off mission in Act 1 Tier 5 requires players to kill 20 zombies and 10 mercenaries with the Sentry Gun killstreak item. The Cyphered Tablet in this mission can drop at any time from enemies killed by the Sentry Gun.

The Cyphered Tablet in the Act 1 Tier 4 mission Infiltrator can only be obtained at the end of completing the other two objectives. That means getting a Mercenary Stronghold Keycard, clearing out a Mercenary Stronghold, and then cracking the safe inside to get the Cyphered Tablet. Although it is known as the Terminus Outcomes Records in the mission details.

The game also makes sure that players see when the Cyphered Tablet will drop in the environment. The item will be highlighted and magnified on the player’s view when it drops and will appear in the text box on the left side of the screen. Multiple copies of the Cyphered Tablet will also drop for all players on the team, which means the text box on the left will show up multiple times at once.

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