How to Get Terminus Outcomes Records From the Stronghold Safe in MW3 Zombies

Fighting mercs and cracking safes.

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The Terminus Outcomes is a private military faction in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode, and the only human enemies to fight in the zone. Some missions will deal with them directly, such as obtaining the Terminus Outcomes Records.

How to Get Terminus Outcomes Records in MW3 Zombies

The Terminus Outcomes Records can be received when players equip and complete the Act 1 Tier 4 mission Infiltrator. The requirements for this mission are:

  • Obtain a Stronghold Keycard.
  • Clear a Terminus Outcomes Stronghold.
  • Retreive Terminus Outcomes Record from the Stronghold Safe.

A Mercenary Stronghold Keycard can be acquired in one of two ways: clear out a Mercenary Camp or purchase it from the Buy Station for 2,000 Essence. Either is fine depending on where you are located on the map. Mercenary Camps are listed on the map, though completing one contract will earn enough Essence to simply purchase it.

The next step is to clear a Terminus Outcomes Stronghold, which means any Mercenary Stronghold listed on the map. The keycard will unlock any Mercenary Stronghold, and players will have killed all human enemies from the building.

The final step is to search each room for a giant black safe. This will be holding the Terminus Outcomes Records, so interact with it to start drilling.

Reinforcements will need to be taken care of while the drill takes it time. The safe will then open when the drill is done and a Cyphered Tablet will appear on the ground. This is the Terminus Outcomes Records, so pick it up to complete the final task. Players will receive an Aetherium Crystal Acquisition and an additional 3,000 XP for completing the Infiltrator mission.

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