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How to Get Clear Amulet in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Try lowering my stats now, nerd

by Daphne Fama

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are full of Pokemon and Items. And this is one of the first games where items are so easily and readily found on the ground or tucked away in distant corners of the world. Spot a sparkle and it might be a Rare Bone or an evolution stone.

But not all items are easy to find. There are certain hold items that can cost trainers (especially new trainers) their entire life savings. But if you’re thinking about throwing your Pokemon into Link Battles in the Poke Portal, then held items is essential.

One interesting item is the Clear Amulet. You don’t have to be exceptionally familiar with competitive Pokemon to know how frequent stat-lowering moves are in the competitive scene. But the Clear Amulet allows you to avoid all stat-lowering moves used against it. And yes, that includes abilities like Intimidate and Beads of Ruin!

So, how can you get hold of this item for yourself?

How to Get Clear Amulet in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Fortunately, there are three clear ways to do it. One is free but costs time, one is moderately expensive but will take… even more time, and the third is immediately available but will cost you a heft stack of Pokedollars.

If you want to get the Clear Amulet for free, head to West Province Area One. At the Pokemon Center associated with that area will be a League Battle Rep. He’ll instruct you to defeat nine trainers in the area. A tall order, but you’re up to the challenge, right? Do so and return and he’ll hand you the Clear Amulet. Nice!

The second option is to head to Porto Marinada. In the market, there are daily auctions in which you can participate. It’s possible that the Clear Amulet is for sale, and that you can get it somewhat cheaper than you would if you bought it straight from the store. If this is your preferred method, you can reset the wares using this related link.

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The third option is to return to where it all started: Mesagoza. There, head to the Delibird Presents Shop. If you’ve obtained four badges, you’ll find the Clear Amulet among the battle item wares. This amulet will cost you 30,000 Pokedollars, but saving time (and your Pokemon’s stats) is worth it!

Good luck getting that amulet, trainer.

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