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How to Change Auction Deals in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

They tried to sell me Klawf Sticks, the monsters

by Daphne Fama

The Paldea region is full of items – Rare Bones, Evolution Stones, 10,000 different types of feathers and herbs… But some items are simply rarer (and more expensive!) than others. They can be so rare, in fact, that even the hyper-capitalistic Delibirds of Delibird Presents might not even stock the item.

If that happens, your best bet is to turn to Porto Marinada. Here, vendors hawk a singular item every single day, which ranges from consumables to evolution items. And if it is an item you can find in the store, it’s likely that you can buy it cheaper at auction than if you bought them wholesale elsewhere.

But what happens if the auction isn’t stocking what you want? Is it possible to change the items that are being sold?

How to Change Auction Deals in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The answer to that question is yes. Auctions change daily, similar to Mass Outbreaks. For impatient (or perhaps simply efficient) trainers, you can go into your Nintendo Switch’s System Settings to change the date on your Switch. But, unlike Mass Outbreaks, you’ll have to do a little more legwork if you want to change what’s being sold at auction.

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Speak to one of the vendors of an item that you don’t want in the Porto Marinada marketplace. Agree to participate in the auction. Once your competitors make their first bid, withdraw from the auction. Save then close out of your game.

Navigate to your Nintendo Switch’s System Settings. Scroll down to settings, click Date and Time, turn off Synchronize Clock via Internet, and then change the Date and Time to the next day. Boot up your game again, and you should have a whole new selection of wares you can bid on.

Good luck at the auctions, trainer!

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