How to Get Chickens to Lay Eggs in Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Get Chickens to Lay Eggs in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Proven health benefits of eating eggs

Traditionally, Green Herbs and First Aid Spray cans were used for treatment in Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 4, being an innovative sequel that introduced many new ideas, kept all that but also added food that Leon can eat and improve health – you can catch and eat fish and even collect some fresh eggs from wherever you can find chickens in the game.

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How to Get Chickens to Lay Eggs in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

A Chicken Egg is an item that replenishes health, but it can also be used as a throwable weapon – which only makes sense in one boss encounter. What is interesting about Chicken Eggs is that, unlike other healing items, you can farm them – if you have the patience, that is. Another cool thing about this restorative item is that it only takes up one square of space in your inventory.

In order to collect Eggs in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you have to find chickens – because eggs will spawn randomly only when there are chickens around. Sometimes when you kill a snake, it can also drop an egg, or you can find it in stash boxes, but for farming, you will need chickens. Although in the original game, there were ways to abuse these random spawn mechanics and fill your attache case to the brim with eggs in an hour, in the Remake it is not possible to do so.

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In the new game, there may even be a cap on the number of eggs you can have in your inventory, so the chickens will stop spawning them when this unknown cap is reached – or it can even be bugged. Reloading the game can sometimes help. The best location we found so far for farming eggs in Resident Evil 4 Remake is the throne room with the brown chicken that lays eggs every few minutes. Sitting on the throne seems to speed up this process, or just wastes time faster.

Types of Eggs in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Aside from regular White Eggs, there are Brown Eggs that are a rare spawn and recover more health. The most elusive Golden Eggs can be found only in a few locations and can be sold to Merchant for 9,000 pesetas, also you will need to find them to complete the Egg Hunt Request (blue note side quest). Golden Egg is also the deadliest weapon you can throw at Ramón Salazar during the boss fight encounter – that creepy little dude really doesn’t like eggs!

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