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All Cut Content in Resident Evil 4 Remake Revealed

All Cut Content in Resident Evil 4 Remake Revealed

Things missing from the original version of the game

Resident Evil 4 Remake arrived to the delight of countless fans and with 3 million copies sold in the first two days, it proved again that this sequel is still one of the most beloved in the franchise. Of course, it also helped that this remake is the most authentic so far. While the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 had significant deviations from the original content, the new Resident Evil 4 is much more faithful to the hit title from 2005, but still, in addition to the new fancy graphics, redesigned locations, and gameplay systems, some things have been removed or replaced – so let’s list all of the cut content from Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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All Cut Content in Resident Evil 4 Remake Revealed

None of the removed content affects the great experience that Resident Evil 4 Remake is, it’s still the longest and most comprehensive game so far in Capcom’s new series of RE Engine remakes of their classic survival horror titles. However, as the most significant flaw (which can easily be fixed later with DLC) we have to mention the lack of Mercenaries mode as well as additional bonus scenarios with Ada Wong.

The Mercenaries Mode

After completing the game once, in each version of RE4 you would unlock the additional minigame The Mercenaries, a very well-known bonus mode present in most Resident Evil games – the concept is simple: in time-limited short battles, you collect points and bonuses by killing as many enemies as possible. What’s cool in RE4’s Mercenaries mode is that it is possible to play as additional bonus characters in addition to Leon and Ada to overcome these challenges, like Krauser, Hunk (from RE2), and even Albert Wesker.

This mode is currently not available in Resident Evil 4 Remake, but a recent launch trailer shows that it’s coming as a free DLC update on April 7, 2023.

Assignment Ada

This was the original additional mini-game with Ada Wong, present even in the original GameCube version. Instead of her red dress, Ada is wearing military-style gear for this mission and is tasked with collecting plague samples for Albert Wesker.

This is a short additional scenario that must be completed in one session as it contains no save points. Although the story of this alternative additional scenario seems to be non-canon, the ending is a great foreshadowing for Resident Evil 5! Whether this scenario will be repackaged for Resident Evil 4 Remake remains to be seen.

Separate Ways

Cue in the Journey’s song! Separate Ways is a second bonus mini-game that unlocks after completing the main game in all versions except the original GameCube and the recent VR edition. This is a slightly lengthier scenario (4 to 5 hours with save points) in which Ada observes the game’s events from her point of view.

Ada has her own set of moves and weapons that will help you to get through all of the game’s chapters from her perspective and see some major additional scenes that will again lead to the theft of the Plaga sample. While this additional scenario is regarded as canon, its absence from Resident Evil 4 Remake is the largest flaw thus far. It might be added later as DLC? Judging by good sales of the Remake and its popularity, it’s just the matter of time now.

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Other Stuff That Was Removed From Resident Evil 4 Remake

Other things that have been changed or removed include the QTE mechanics – although still present, they have been drastically reduced, and many wacky moments like Leon running away from the rolling boulder have been removed. The Cable Car and Tram Ride sections were removed, though nothing of great value was lost there – maybe just a little bit of that old school RE vibe.

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Also, the U-3 Boss and his zone were removed, probably so that the fights with Krauser would be more in focus. The Laser Room, which was a tribute to the first Resident Evil feature film, has been removed (as I would like for that movie to be removed from existence, thank you), but the famous Throne Room is still there, only its location has been changed. Other than that, Incendiary Grenades were thrown out, as well as some, well… chauvinistic lines of dialogue related to Ashley. 2005 was a different time, eh. In general, most of the dialogue has been changed anyway, but some of the funniest one-liners have remained.

Apart from everything we listed above, nothing else significant was cut, and although Resident Evil 4 Remake is not by any means identical to the original Resident Evil 4, it is perhaps one of the best remakes ever made. Gotta be in TOP 3 at least!

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