Does RE4 Remake have the Separate Ways Campaign - Answered

Does RE4 Remake have the Separate Ways Campaign? – Answered

Here we stand, worlds apart, hearts broken in two, two, two

Can you imagine a world where DLC didn’t exist? Somewhere near the end of that era, in the distant year 2005, we had a special additional mini-game as an extra for the original Resident Evil 4. Separate Ways (known in Japan as the “Another Order”) arrived with the PlayStation 2 version of Resident Evil 4, which was released later the same year, after a brief exclusivity on the Game Cube.

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After that, Resident Evil 4 received several ports, and when I say several, I mean dozens – but each of those countless later versions came with the Separate Ways additional scenario included, the new VR edition being the only exception. In Separate Ways, players get the chance to play as stylish spy Ada Wong and experience the Resident Evil 4 story from a slightly different angle. So, is the Separate Ways included and remade in the new Resident Evil 4 Remake? Let’s find out.

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Does RE4 Remake have the Separate Ways Campaign?

Well, as I foreshadowed at the beginning of the artcile, it seems that Separate Ways will be a paid DLC in Resident Evil 4 Remake because, for now, it is not confirmed that it is in the game, nor that it will be added later – although some leaks indicate that. Ada Wong is definitely in the game and looking better than ever, and her Bolt Thrower weapon from Separate Ways is now part of the main game. When and how this additional scenario will be added to Resident Evil 4 Remake remains to be seen – but we certainly want more Ada!

Resident Evil 4 Remake is releasing on March 24, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

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