How to Get Back to Evermist Island in Sea of Stars

Back to where it all began.

Screenshot of Evermist Island in Sea of Stars.
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At the start of your adventure in Sea of Stars, you’re literally yeeted off Evermist Island with no way to reaccess it for a good while. Eventually, you’re given the Evermist Shrine Key and told to return. Here’s how to get back to Evermist Island in Sea of Stars.

This guide contains spoilers for Sea of Stars, so read on at your own risk!

How to Return to Evermist Island in Sea of Stars

Once you’ve been given the Evermist Shrine Key by Headmaster Moraine on Mirth, you can either return to Evermist Island or go to Watcher Island; the choice is yours. To go back to Evermist Island, travel to Sleeper Island and backtrack through the Port Town of Brisk, Coral Caves, Stonemasons Outpost, and, finally, the Moorlands, until you reach X’tol’s Landing.

Speak to the giant X’tol here and tell him the magic word: “Y’eet.” He will throw you over to Y’eet at Evermist Island’s Landing. From here, head south through Mountain Trail. Once you’ve exited out of the other side and returned to the overworld map, turn left to find the Evermist Island Solstice Shrine.

Use the Evermist Shrine Key on the door to access the Solstice Shrine. Completing the puzzle inside will reward you with Valere and Zale’s Combo Skill, Soonrang.

It will also unlock a dock to the left of the Solstice Shrine on the overworld so you can return via sailing rather than having to backtrack through Sleeper Island every time you want to revisit Evermist Island.

Screenshot of the Evermist Island dock in Sea of Stars.
Screenshot by Prima Games

Now that you’re back on Evermist Island, there are a handful of things you can do, such as catch any fish you missed or gather up some Rainbow Conches for the Sea of Stars True Ending. Have fun!

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