How to Get Ashta Tamer in Starfield

Capable of more than just taming Ashta.

Starfield Ashta Tamer Unique Heavy Weapon
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There’s nothing quite like the thump of a grenade launcher in a game that does heavy weapons well. In Starfield, these unique tools can take down an entire group of Ecliptic in a single shot. Even better when you find a unique heavy weapon. Thankfully, playing through the main story provides just such an opportunity. Here is how to get Ashta Tamer in Starfield!

Where to Get Ashta Tamer in Starfield

Starfield The Empty Nest
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To get Ashta Tamer in Starfield, you must enter “The Empty Nest” with Sam Coe during the main story for Constellation, then follow the path deeper into the cavern. You’ll quickly come upon a stockpile of caches left behind by the Shaw Gang. Inside one on the right-hand side of the path, sitting on top of a crate is Ashta Tamer.

It’s easy to miss as the weapon case blends in with the environment. I recommend turning on your flashlight as soon as you enter the cave.

Unfortunately, you cannot enter this cave unless you’re tackling The Empty Nest. It’s locked and inaccessible any other time, so try not to miss this unique heavy weapon!

Ashta Tamer Stats and Details

Starfield Ashta Tamer Stats
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With only one pre-installed weapon modification and five additional slots for expansion and customization, Ashta Tamer can easily become your go-to heavy weapon for tough encounters. You’ll likely find this one early in a playthrough, too.

  • Weapon Type: Heavy Weapon
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 127
  • Ammunition Type: 40MM XPL
  • Magazine Size: 4
  • Fire Rate: 5
  • Range: 40
  • Accuracy: 63.4%
  • Mass: 4.90
  • Value: 15561
  • Mod Slot 1: Tactical Stock
  • Rare Effect: Incendiary – Occasionally deals incendiary damage.
  • Item ID: 31FCBF

The biggest downside to Ashta Tamer, and really any unique heavy weapon, is finding a steady supply of ammunition. The 40MM XPL, while exceedingly strong, is expensive and in short supply. You’ll want to stock up often.

If you want something a little more available and cost-effective to fire, we recommend Fiscal Quarter!

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