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How to Get Ashen Wake in Destiny 2

Give em' the fastball.

by David Morgan

Season 21 of Destiny 2 is lurking right around the corner, and with it come many Exotic changes aimed at balancing the current sandbox. One Exotic that didn’t make the list in either direction, buff or nerf, are the Titan gauntlets Ashen Wake. This made our list of best Titan Exotics for the Solar subclass (see the link below), so if you have yet to get your hands on them, here’s how to get Ashen Wake in Destiny 2.

How to Get Ashen Wake in Destiny 2

The most reliable way to get Ashen Wake, or any Exotic you don’t already have, is to run Solo Legendary Lost Sectors. These rotate daily, so check your maps for an icon resembling the Lost Sector logo, or check a website like TodayInDestiny to see which Lost Sector is currently in the Legendary rotation.

Each day a different armor slot will have a fairly good chance at seeing an Exotic drop, specifically one you don’t currently have in your collections, so use these as an opportunity to farm for any you haven’t found yet. These Legendary Lost Sectors can be farmed, so you can run them as long as you have the stomach for it. Unfortunately, there’s no good way to “target farm” these specific gauntlets, but do be sure that you’re trying for them on a day that Exotic gauntlets drop.

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This method of farming Exotics can be used, as mentioned, for any you don’t have in your collections. Some Lost Sectors are far easier to farm than others, and if you’re feeling stuck or frustrated with a particular farm you can always wait a few days for another to come into rotation. Best of luck to you if you’re out to get these – they’re a blast with the right mod combinations and a solid pick in the upcoming Season of the Deep.