The Best Destiny 2 Exotics for Solar Titans in 2023

Blast n' Bonk

If you’re anything like me, you love supporting your team in cooperative games. It’s a thankless task most of the time, but what if you also got to set stuff on fire? Good news, that’s what Solar Titans are all about. Whether it’s creating Orbs of Power for your buddies with a single hammer throw or giving everyone a nice Sunspot bubble bath to increase their healing and ability regeneration, there are quite a few ways to help out while dishing out respectable damage. So let’s look at the best Exotics in Destiny 2 that support our fiery tendencies.

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The Best Destiny 2 Exotics for Solar Titans in 2023

In no particular order: here are my personal go-to’s when doing PvE content as a Solar Titan.

Phoenix Cradle: If you want to help your team, this is essentially the only Exotic Titans have at their disposal to become a “support class.” Using the Sol Invictus Aspect, these double the duration of your Sunspots, and allows them to grant the buff to allies. So if you’re feeling selfless, you can run these with something like Prometheus Lens and Throwing Hammer and go to town, creating Sunspots all over the battlefield to keep your allies alive and buffed.

Loreley Splendor Helm: So we got the selfless Exotic out of the way, what if you’re trying to look out for #1? Or, just running solo content? If you’re worried about survivability, particularly in challenging content like Solo Legendary Lost Sectors, the Loreley Splendor Helm has your back. This Exotic consumes your barricade shield when critically wounded to create a super-healing Sunspot at your feet. It basically prevents death in all but the most harrowing of situations. Combine this with Class Ability regen mods like Utility Kickstart to get even more bang for your buck.

Ashen Wake: This one’s the dark horse. You don’t see it on many “best of” lists, but I promise you it’s worth a look. Why aren’t they listed more often? I honestly think it’s because they’re ugly as hell. But no matter. These bulky boys make your Fusion Grenades explode on impact, and final blows with grenades grants grenade energy. Basically, you’re throwing crazy-powerful bombs everywhere, all the time. Combine these with the armor mods Innervation, Impact Induction, Grenade Kickstart, and a weapon with Demolitionist for even more explosive goodness.

Synthoceps: These monsters make just about every Titan “Best of” list, and for good reason. There’s only one use for these on a Solar Titan: bonks. Get yourself into the middle of a bunch of enemies and start throwing your hammer around. Combine with the Sol Invictus fragment and the Heavy Handed armor mod and you’ll be granting yourself healing Sunspots as well as generating an unlimited supply of Orbs of Power for your allies.

For PvE content, these Exotics will get you far, but obviously your personal preference is more important than any online list. If you’re particularly drawn to an Exotic – use it! Having fun and creating your own niche playstyle is always the number one goal. Now get out there and start some fires.

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