How to Get Ascendant Shards in Destiny 2

Hmmm... what cypher is this?

The currency in space is weird and, frequently, not easy to get your hands on. If you’re a Guardian, you’re tasked with beating back the darkness with powers granted to you by a giant, cowardly ping-pong ball, i.e., the Traveler. But the Traveler doesn’t pay you, and if you want to survive the hundreds of quests you’ll be tasked with completing to protect the Traveler and its light, you’re going to want the best possible weapons and the best possible armor.

That’s where Ascendant Shards come in. Ascendant Shards serve two purposes: to Masterwork your armor and to buy Exotics from the Exotic Archive, Monument to Lost Lights. But because these are rare resources, they don’t come easy.

Here’s how to get your hand on Ascendant Shards, lovingly referred to as golf balls, in Destiny 2.

How to Get Ascendant Shards in Destiny 2

As you might guess, Ascendant Shards are one of the highest-tier currencies and can be a grind to get. But if you want to get that gold border around your armor, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Trade 10 Enhancement Prisms and 50,000 Glimmer for 1 Ascendant Shard to Master Rahool, the Cryptarch in the Tower
  • Dismantle a Masterworked legendary or Exotic Armor
  • Random chance of obtaining one after completing a Nightfall (Master or Grandmaster)
  • Random chance of obtaining one after completing a Raid (Master)
  • Season Pass reward (Level 80, 85, and 94)
  • After vendor rank reset for Crucible, Gambit, Gunsmith, Seasonal, and Trails of Osiris
  • After completing your first flawless run in Trials of Osiris

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The rarity of these drops means that Rahool is the best source for them, as you can also buy Enhancement Prisms from him. Enhancement Prisms can be purchased with Enhancement Cores and 10,000 Glimmer and Enhancement Cores are fairly easy to come by. This makes Ascendant Shards accessible to anyone who has the time.

Good luck, guardian!

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