Palworld Dog Coins
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How to Get and Use Dog Coins in Palworld

Not that kind of coin.

The Sakurajima update for Palworld has expanded the game with five more levels, more gear, new Pals, and a new currency called Dog Coins to buy exclusive items with. Here is how to get and use Dog Coins in Palworld

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How to Get Dog Coins in Palworld

Palworld Dog Coins
Screenshot by Prima Games

Palworld players can get Dog Coins with two methods. The first method is to defeat Mimogs, which are Pals that are essentially mimic chests. They look like chests from far away, but are much more obvious up close and when your Pal decides to randomly attack it.

Mimogs can be found randomly in the wild, though I encountered a few while roaming around on Sakurajima Island. It is probably the best bet with the flat open lands of the island.

Mimogs must be killed quickly or else they may escape deceptively fast. Killing a Mimog will guarantee Dog Coins as a reward.

The other method is to search through salvage along the shores of Sakurajima Island. These piles of wood and trash may contain Dog Coins alongside other items like Gold, Gold Keys, grenade launcher ammo, and more.

How to Use Dog Coins in Palworld

Palworld Dog Coins
Screenshot by Prima Games

Dog Coins can be used to purchase exclusive items at the Medal Merchant, a new vendor introduced with the update. Medal Merchants can be found in various church ruins around the game’s world.

The easiest spot to find a Medal Merchant is taking the Marsh Islands Church Ruins fast travel point on the east section of the map. The vendor will be on the other side of the church wall.

The Medal Merchant sells more accessory slots, cosmetic hats, a ring accessory that increases carrying capacity, fruit that raises a Pal’s stats, and elixirs that can permanently raise your player character’s stats. All these items can cost hundreds of Dog Coins and are meant for endgame players looking for permanent upgrades after collecting enough Plasteel for the best gear.

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