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How to Get and Use Ancient Bark in Valheim

Nordic Chainsaw goes brrrrrrrrrr

by Nikola L

Ancient bark is a type of wood, and as the game text says, it’s an ancient and sturdy material.
Getting Ancient Bark in Valheim is not very difficult and has quite a few uses which will be very useful to you as you progress through Valheim content. Prima Games is here to show you how to get and use the Ancient Bark in Valheim, stick around and you will be surprised by what you can craft with Ancient Bark.

How to Farm Ancient Bark in Valheim

Ancient Bark drops by chopping down Ancient Trees in the Swamp biome. Now, Ancient Trees are very tough to cut down, and you need a Bronze Axe (or a higher-tier Axe) in order to proceed.

Bronze Axe is made at the Forge, by using the following materials:

  • 8x Wood
  • 8x Bronze
  • 2x Leather Scraps

You obtain Bronze at this stage of the game by combining 2x Copper and 1x Tin at the Forge.

The alternative to chopping down Ancient Trees is to get in the crypts within Swamp, which oftentimes hold Ancient Bark in some of the chests that are randomly scattered throughout the crypt.

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How to Use Ancient Bark in Valheim for Crafting

There are quite a few things that you can craft by using Ancient Bark, as mentioned, and here’s the list of all weapons, and armor that you can craft up to the Mountain biome stuff:

  • Ancient bark spear
  • Battleaxe
  • Iron buckler
  • Iron sledge
  • Root harnesk
  • Root leggings
  • Root mask
  • Crystal battleaxe
  • Draugr fang
  • Fang spear
  • Frostner

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You can also build cool stuff for your home (Bonfire, Butcher’s Table) as well as a Longship to travel far away from your home into uncharted lands. We hope you liked this guide and we invite you to check out more Valheim stuff at the game tag below.
See you soon!

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