How to Get and Redeem MultiVersus Evo 2022 Codes

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MultiVersus Evo 2022 Codes

With the EVO Tournament Series event wrapping up later today, many have been excited to watch the various matches in the past few days. In particular, MultiVersus soared in popularity due to its massive prize pool, breaking previous EVO records for the highest payout. While the MultiVersus matches have ended and the results are already available, the fun isn’t over yet.

In fact, to celebrate a successful event, there is even an exclusive EVO 2022 code for the game that you can use right now! If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to get and redeem MultiVersus EVO 2022 codes.

How to Get and Redeem MultiVersus Evo 2022 Codes

Before redeeming the code, make sure you have a valid WB account and the game installed on your system. If you don’t, you will not be eligible for the rewards until you meet these requirements.

If you already have an account and the game installed, use the following steps to redeem the MultiVersus EVO 2022 reward code:

  • Head to the official MultiVersus code redemption page and log into your WB account.
  • Enter the code “EVO2022” into the box. Make sure to use this exact spelling and capitalization!

Upon redeeming the code, you’ll find two items. You will receive an EVO 2022 Banner and Profile Icon that you can use once MultiVersus Season 1 begins. Currently, Season 1 has not been released yet in the game, so you will not find the items in-game. Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t received your banner and icon yet.

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According to the official MultiVersus Twitter page, there are public snapshots of the mode, but no public announcements have been made regarding the launch date. Despite this, the tweet clarifies that more information will be released soon and to stay tuned.

MultiVersus is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox platforms through the WB website. You can also check out the entire EVO event through their official page. If you’re interested in reading some of our MultiVersus articles, check out How to Change Your Age, and MultiVersus Dev Confirms They are Working on Hitbox Issues.

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