How to Get an Omnium Beast Left Arm in Tower of Fantasy

Part of the Omnium Beast VII vehicle!

Tower of Fantasy Omnium Beast Left Arm

There are currently eight different vehicles you can get in Tower of Fantasy as part of the initial global release. Whether you’re looking to drive a wheel or on a blue cube, several options are available.

One vehicle many people are eager to get their hands on is the Omnium Beast VII, a large mech that you can run around in. However, there are three different components required to unlock the mount. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to get an Omnium Beast VII left arm in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get an Omnium Beast Left Arm in Tower of Fantasy

You can find the Omnium Beast’s left arm in a supply pod. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as just walking up and unlocking it. Instead, it is locked behind an impenetrable energy shield, and it is your job to disable it temporarily.

To begin, head to the HT201 Shelter in the southern part of Banges. You’ll find a bunker with a blue front screen guarding the sparkling supply pod upon arrival. To the right, you’ll see a keypad to deactivate the screen. Your objective here is to find the right four-digit combination.

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While it may be tempting to try random numbers and see what works, there is a specific method of unlocking this door. Around this area, you’ll find four Barrier Password Memory bots. Each bot provides one digit to the password. While you’ll find the passcode later in this guide, below are the locations for each robot if you’re looking for a challenge:

  • Behind Bai Ling, the Shelter leader, on top of a metal supply box.
Tower of Fantasy Left Arm bot one
Image via Tower of Fantasy
  • In the back of a truck, directly west of the Cooker.
ToF Password Memory Bot Two
Image via Tower of Fantasy
  • Head on top of Bai Ling’s shelter building and climb the mountain north of it. Upon looking east at the towers, you’ll find the bot on top of a connecting metal beam. Fly towards the bot’s platform.
Tower of Fantasy Password Bot Three
Image via Tower of Fantasy
  • Head behind the energy screen bunker and run past the blue sphere building. Head slightly east and approach the cliffside. Look down until you find a platform with the bot.
ToF Password Bot Four
Image via Tower of Fantasy

If you don’t want to run around to find the Password Memory robots, don’t worry. The password is the same for every player, meaning you can use the code below in the energy screen keypad:

  • Energy Screen Password: 1647

After entering the password, the energy screen will shut down, allowing you entry into the bunker. Head towards the supply pod and open it to get the Omnium Beast’s left arm.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re also interested in getting the Chaser vehicle, check out our Maglev Stalker and Magnetic Rod guides.

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