How to Disable the Chat in Tower of Fantasy

Sometimes nothing beats the sound of silence.

If you’ve ever played an online multiplayer game with a chat function, you already know how quickly things can spiral out of control. Sometimes it’s amusing, but oftentimes, it isn’t. Luckily, Tower of Fantasy has a way to disable the in-game chat so you can keep to yourself and play at your leisure.

Disabling the Chat in Tower of Fantasy

As you log into the game, the chat box is located in the lower part of your screen to the left. It is on by default and there are actually several channels active all at the same time. If you would like to hide everything chat-related, press ESC to first enter the main menu. Then, click Settings. On the Basic tab, scroll down a little until you see Main Page Chat Display. By turning that off, you hide the chat completely, but can still talk to certain people if you wish.

Now, if you would like to personalize which channels appear, select the chat box icon at the lower left part of the screen by holding ALT and left-clicking with your mouse. Doing this will bring up tabs for every channel. Click on the cog in the lower left corner of the screen and it will display boxes containing the names of every in-game chat channel. If there is a certain one you don’t want to see, uncheck the box and exit out of the menu.

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Finally, if it’s just a certain user you wish to ignore or block, you can do that too and keep the chat intact. After pushing ALT and clicking the chat box, you’ll see a more detailed version of the chat with each user’s profile being shown as they speak. To mute and block them, click their profile picture, and to the right will be Blacklist. Blacklisting them will make it so they cannot contact you and you won’t know what they are saying.

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