How to Get All Unlockable Classes in Lords of the Fallen

The ending you choose will net you more than a cool cutscene

Lords of the Fallen has over a dozen classes you can play as. But several of these classes require you to jump through some pretty significant hoops, either by completing sprawling quests or by choosing a certain ending. To that end, here’s how to get all the unlockable classes in Lords of the Fallen.

All Unlockable Classes in Lords of the Fallen and How to Get Them

There are a grand total of ten unlockable classes in Lords of the Fallen, and yet you’ll need to complete certain quests and achieve all endings in order to get each one.

The standard starting classes you can unlock are the Hallowed Knight, Udirangr Warwolf, Partisan, Mournstead Infantry, Blackfeather Ranger, Exiled Stalker, Orian Preacher, Pyric Cultist and Condemned. The four unlockable classes are the Dark Crusader, the Lord, the Putrid Child, and the Radiant Purifier.

ClassClass DescriptionHow to Unlock
The Dark CrusaderA Paladin of the Dark Crusaders, an elite military order in service to the Church of Orian Radiance, spreading the teachings of the church and Orius via whatever means necessary. A physically powerful class suitable for those who favour a more aggressive approach.Unlocked by purchasing the Deluxe version of the game or by completing Paladin Isaac’s questline.
LordGifted with the inhuman strength and ferocity of the Rhogar as reward for their loyalty to Adyr, this exalted warrior carries out the will of their god while leaving a trail of butchery and incineration in their wake. An accessible class which trades mobility and speed for sheer power.Complete a playthrough of Lords of the Fallen and obtain the Inferno Ending.
Putrid ChildOne who has gazed into the truth beyond the shroud and been born anew in the glory of the Putrid Mother, reveling in atrophy and manipulating death itself. An advanced class for those certain that supremacy lies in the eternal power of Umbral, not base conjurings or ephemeral flesh or steel.Complete a playthrough of Lords of the Fallen and obtain the Umbral Ending.
Radiant PurifierA martial priest of the Church of Orian Radiance whose rigorous training in both spiritual and somatic serves them in unflinchingly cleansing anything deemed anathema to the church and Orius. An offence-focused class vulnerable to physical harm but with a greater tolerance for magical damage.Complete a playthrough of Lords of the Fallen and obtain the Radiant Ending.

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