How to Upgrade Your Healing Items in Lords of the Fallen

Learn how to upgrade your Sanguinarix!

Lords of the Fallen Pieta
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Lords of the Fallen is brutal, like any other Soulslike, and you’ll wind up using your healing items frequently. And to your dismay, the one time you need it most, your character does a little animation indicating it’s an empty bottle they’re trying to consume. Such a pain! So, what’s the plan? You must upgrade your healing items in Lords of the Fallen to succeed against the many boss fights to come.

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How to Upgrade Sanguinarix in LotF

To upgrade your Sanguinarix in Lords of the Fallen, you must first progress far enough through the game to fight Pieta, She of the Blessed Renewal. It’s the first genuine boss fight you’ll stumble upon shortly after passing through Redcopse Village. She’s a formidable foe with multiple phases, but you can use a summon to make her boss fight a bit easier.

Once you defeat Pieta, she’ll return to her human form and plummet off the edge. After she does, you will gain entrance to the Skyrest Bridge, the hub area of Lords of the Fallen, where Pieta, Exacter Dunmire, and other NPCs tend to their business.

Here, speak with Pieta. She’ll offer to upgrade your Sanguinarix using Saintly Quintessence.

Sanguinarix +03+0%
Sanguinarix +14+20%Saintly Quintessence x1
Sanguinarix +24+35%Saintly Quintessence x1
Sanguinarix +35+50%Saintly Quintessence x1
Sanguinarix +45+65%Saintly Quintessence x2
Sanguinarix +56+75%Saintly Quintessence x2
Sanguinarix +66+85%Saintly Quintessence x2
Sanguinarix +77+90%Saintly Quintessence x2
Sanguinarix +87+85%Saintly Quintessence x2
Sanguinarix +98+100%Saintly Quintessence x3
Sanguinarix +109+110%Saintly Quintessence x4

As you can see from the upgrade table above, the Sanguinarix becomes exceptionally powerful the deeper into the game you reach. Eventually, you won’t have trouble staying alive despite the difficulty of a boss fight.

Where to Find Saintly Quintessence in Lords of the Fallen

You will find numerous Saintly Quintessence throughout the game, including in the following locations:

  • Defiled Sepulchre.
  • Pilgrim’s Perch.
  • Forsaken Fen.
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge.
  • Lower Calrath.
  • Upper Calrath.
  • Revelation Depths.
  • Path of Devotion.
  • Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters.

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