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How to Get All Spotlight Parts in Raft: Location Guide

by Nikola Pajtic

The third and final chapter of the survivor game Raft brings the new environmental element, Varuna Point. Varuna Point holds several spotlight parts that are essential for repairing the spotlight and entering the tunnel. You may have a hard time finding these items, but here is a guide to finding all the Spotlight parts in Raft.

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Spotlight Parts Locations in Raft

Across the Varuna Point, you will find four spotlight parts. To get close to them, you first need to find the giant yellow crane. Now, jump into the water, but beware of the jellyfish clusters. Ease past them and enter the tunnel. Luckily, there are a few oxygen bubbles where you can regenerate oxygen without jumping out of the water. You will find a huge spotlight that isn’t working and needs those four parts to start working again.

First Spotlight Part in Raft

Enter the corridor that’s entrance is guarded by jellyfish. Reach the end and then turn right. You will see the door. Enter it, and it will lead you to the back, where there is a room with a spotlight part on a bed inside.

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Second Spotlight Part

Now that you’ve obtained the first spotlight part, head back down and turn left in the hallway. You will see a room with an anglerfish – avoid it. Go inside the room on your right where you will find the second spotlight part on a desk.

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Third Spotlight Part

Under the jellyfish at the entrance, you will find a hole in the wall. Once in, turn left, and you will be in an elevator shaft. Jump on the ledge and go left. Now, go through the hallway, and at its end, go through more doors. You will see the third spotlight part on the table here.

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Fourth Spotlight Part

The fourth spotlight part is in the same area as the previous one. However, you will need to climb above the water through the scaffolding instead of following the hallway.

Turn left and enter the first room on your left. Reach the end of the room, where you will see another room. This one is your goal. The fourth spotlight part is in the dresser.

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