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How to Get All Prime Relics for Zylok Prime in Warframe

Not the most talked about pistol but hey, mastery is mastery.

Warfame’s Abyss of Dagath update has plenty of new additions for you to check out, but one of the more hidden ones is the addition of Grendel Prime. The big boy has seen a total makeover into a beautifully large being, and with him comes two new weapons to get a Prime variant. One such weapon is a well-known pistol. Here’s how to get all Prime Relics for Zylok Prime in Warframe.

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Every Prime Relic for Zylok Prime in Warframe

You’ll need to acquire two parts alongside the main blueprint for Zylok Prime if you wish to craft it. The parts and their Relics are as follows:

Zylok Prime Receiver

The Zylok Prime Receiver can be found within the Lith R4 Prime Relic. You can snag yourself one by farming the Capture mission Hepit in the Void and speedrunning it. With any luck, you’ll find the Relic after a few attempts. The Receiver is an Uncommon reward, so I suggest making the Relic Flawless if you want the highest chance to secure it.

Zylok Prime Blueprint

For the Zylok Prime Blueprint, you’ll want to find the Neo Z10 Prime Relic. To grab some, you’ll want to farm the Capture mission Ukko in the Void. After a few attempts, you should be able to get one of the Relics you need. Seeing as the blueprint is a Rare reward, you’ll want to make the Relic Radiant using 100 Void Traces and run a radshare with other players. Good luck with getting the RNG needed.

Zylok Prime Barrel

Finishing things off is the Zylok Prime Barrel, found within the Axi L6 Prime Relic. For this, you’ll want to go to the mission Apollo on Lua and farm the Disruption rounds until you can snag an Axi L6. Since it’s the Common reward, you won’t need to upgrade the Relic.

Once you have all three parts, throw them into the Foundry and wait around 24 hours for it to craft. From there, enjoy your new pistol! If you’re looking for help with the other new Prime weapon, check out our guide on how to get the Prime Relics for Masseter Prime in Warframe.

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