How to Get All Prime Relics for Grendel Prime in Warframe

The big boy's all fancy now.

Warfame Grendel Prime
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Warframe’s Abyss of Dagath update is now available, adding in a ton of new things to earn and level for Mastery. Dagath is of course the headliner, invoking her headless horsewoman persona with ruthless efficiency. However, she isn’t the only frame to be released today. Our resident big boy has also seen a prime version, though how you get him can be tough. Here’s how to get all Prime Relics for Grendel Prime in Warframe.

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Every Prime Relic for Grendel Prime Parts in Warframe

In total, there are four Prime Relics that grant parts for Grendel Prime. Those parts and their associated Prime Relic are as follows:

Grendel Prime Blueprint

Grendel Prime’s main blueprint is first on the list, acquired as the Rare reward for the Lith G8 Prime Relic. To farm the relic, you’ll want to run the Capture mission Hepit in the Void and speedrun it. Eventually, you’ll be granted a Lith G8 Prime Relic. Look for a radshare for the relic in the Recruitment chat, make the relic Radiant using 100 Void Traces, then hope the Warframe RNG gods are kind enough to give it to you.

Grendel Prime Neuroptics

Grendel Prime’s Neuroptics blueprint is up next, dropping as a Common reward from the Meso B8 Prime Relic. To farm it, you’ll want to run the Capture mission Ukko in the Void and speedrun it. Once it drops for you, look for an intact share in the Recruitment chat (also known as an intshare) and hope it drops for you.

Grendel Prime Chassis

Following that up is Grendel Prime’s Chassis blueprint, sitting in the Uncommon rewards for the Neo S18 Prime Relic. To farm it up, go to the Capture mission Ukko in the Void and speedrun it. Once you snag one from the gods of RNG, make the Relic Flawless quality using 50 Void Traces and head into a Neo Void Fissure. From there, pray to the heavens that you get it.

Grendel Prime Systems

Finishing things off is the Grendel Prime Systems blueprint, dropped as a Rare reward for the Axi G11 Prime Relic. To farm it, run the Disruption mission Apollo on Lua and continuously complete as many conduits as possible. At the end of every four conduits, you should get an Axi Relic (or something of similar quality). Hope it drops for you, then follow the same steps as the Lith Relic. This time, look for an Axi G11 radshare instead of Lith G8.

That about covers it! From here, it’s up to the RNG gods to decide your fate. Once you have all the parts, you’ll just need to spend 24 hours to make each of the component blueprints, and another 72 hours to make the main blueprint, and Grendel Prime will be yours! Now get out there and roll to your heart’s content. If you’re looking for how to get the previous Prime frame, check out our guide on how to get all Prime Relics for Wisp Prime in Warframe.

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