How to Get All Prime Relics for Masseter Prime in Warframe

Seeing as it's Grendel's weapon, it's more like the Masseater.

Warframe Masseter Prime Concept Art
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Warframe’s new Abyss of Dagath update might be the headliner, but she isn’t the only frame to come with the new patch. Alongside her is Grendel Prime, finally letting fans of the hungriest frame get him with a more royal look and better stats. Alongside him were two weapons getting their prime versions, including a powerful melee. Here’s how to get all Prime Relics for Masseter Prime in Warframe.

Every Prime Relic for Masseter Prime in Warframe

There are three total Prime Relics you can get in Warframe that give Masseter Prime parts, being the handle, blueprint, and blade. They are as follows:

Masseter Prime Handle

The Masseter Prime Handle can be scored from the Lith C10 Prime Relic. Lith Relics can be easily farmed by selecting the Capture mission Hepit in the Void and speedrunning through it. If RNG is on your side, then you’ll snag a Lith C10 Relic. Seeing as it’s the Common reward, running this Relic on intact quality should get you the handle in no time.

Masseter Prime Blade

You can snag the Masseter Prime Blade through the Meso M4 Prime Relic. You can farm these on the Capture mission Ukko in the Void, by speedrunning through it and hoping that RNG drops you the Relic. For this one, the Blade is the Rare reward, and thus you should try and Radiant the Relic with 100 Void Traces and run a radshare.

Masseter Prime Blueprint

Finally, we have the Masseter Prime Blueprint, which can be earned through the Axi G12 Prime Relic. To farm these, you’ll want to run the mission Apollo on Lua and continuously go through rounds until you pick up an Axi G12. Hopefully, you don’t have my luck and go through 20 drops only to not get the Relic you want (you’ll be mine one day, Wisp Prime). The Blueprint is the Uncommon reward, so making the Relic Flawless is your best bet.

Once you have the parts, craft it and wait a short time before the Masseter Prime is yours! If you’re looking for help getting the big man himself, check out our guide on how to get all Prime Relics for Grendel Prime in Warframe.

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