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How to Get All Prime Relics for Gunsen Prime in Warframe

This doesn't look like a gun to me.

Melee weapons in Warframe can be enjoyable to use thanks to their immense diversity, fighting styles, and appearances. Standard swords can feel satisfying, but once you jump into the world of weapons like the Reaper Prime, Innodem, Redeemer Prime, or the Xoris, you’re bound to find them far more exciting. One such weapon received a Prime facelift recently, meaning you’ll need to farm to get it. Here’s how to get all Prime relics for the Gunsen Prime in Warframe.

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Where to Find All Prime Relics for Gunsen Prime in Warframe

The Gunsen Prime has three different parts you’ll need to worry about: the Blueprint, Handle, and Blade. These are Common, Uncommon, and Rare rewards, respectively. Each of these parts is found across three different relics, with the best locations to farm them found below:

  • Gunsen Prime Blueprint – Neo C4 Relic (Common)
    • Best Places to Farm:
      • Oxomoco, Void
      • Ukko, Void
      • Piscinas, Saturn
  • Gunsen Prime Blade – Meso G5 Relic (Rare)
    • Best Places to Farm:
      • Stribog, Void
      • Oxomoco, Void
      • Helene, Saturn
  • Gunsen Prime Handle – Neo T7 Relic (Uncommon)
    • Best Places to Farm:
      • Oxomoco, Void
      • Ukko, Void
      • Hydron, Sedna

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If you haven’t noticed, Oxomoco is the mission you should be farming the most. This mission offers a chance at all three relics, meaning it’s the most efficient of all. The two Saturn missions and one Sedna mission are included if you want to farm Affinity or Orokin Cells on the side since they’re some of the best maps for doing just that. Otherwise, Ukko is a close second for a chance at the Neo C4 and Neo T7.

The Gunsen Prime isn’t the only new Prime included with today’s update. If you’re on the hunt for the other weapon, check out our guide on how to get the Fulmin Prime’s Prime relics in Warframe.

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