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How to Get All Prime Relics for Fulmin Prime in Warframe

Fulminate, fulminate! (props if you get that joke)

Wisp Prime is now available in Warframe, finally letting fans of the support character snag her Prime and properly spend that Forma on a build. She isn’t all that was introduced today, though, as she brings with her two new Prime weapons that should be nice either as mastery or as a staple of your build. One of these new weapons has a few firing modes that make it stand out from the rest. However, it can be confusing as to how you’ll snag it. Here’s how to get all Prime relics for Fulmin Prime in Warframe.

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Where to Find the Prime Relics for Fulmin Prime in Warframe

The Fulmin Prime has four parts you need to collect: the Blueprint, Stock, Barrel, and Receiver. This is spread across four relics, one being a Common reward, two being Uncommon, and one being Rare. The relics and their best farming locations are as follows:

  • Fulmin Prime Blueprint – Lith H9 Relic (Uncommon)
    • Best Places to Farm:
      • Gabii, Ceres
      • Hepit, Void
      • Teshub, Void
  • Fulmin Prime Barrel – Meso P13 Relic (Common)
    • Best Places to Farm:
      • Stribog, Void
      • Ukko, Void
      • Oxomoco, Void
  • Fulmin Prime Receiver – Neo F2 Relic (Rare)
    • Best Places to Farm:
      • Ukko, Void
      • Oxomoco, Void
      • Piscinas, Saturn
  • Fulmin Prime Stock – Axi H7 Relic (Uncommon)
    • Best Places to Farm:
      • Hydron, Sedna
      • Marduk, Void
      • Tyana Pass, Mars

While any of these locations can be great places to farm the Fulmin Prime relics, we suggest focusing Ukko and Oxomoco first, followed by Marduk and Hepit for the remaining relics. These will be the fastest ways to farm the relics, provided you’re willing to run the missions consistently.

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Once you’ve acquired the correct parts, wait a total of 24 hours for the weapon to build, and the Fulmin Prime will be yours. Remember to utilize the semi-auto and fully automatic firing modes to get the most out of the gun. Good luck out there! If you’re on the hunt for some other new stuff added today, check out our guide on how to get all Prime relics for Wisp Prime in Warframe.

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