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As you might have already noticed by its achievements, Lies of P has multiple endings. And unsurprisingly, the one you get is determined by which choices you take through your whole playthrough. Here’s how to get all endings in Lies of P.

Spoiler alert:

This article contains spoilers for the final moments of the game. Read at your own risk.

How to Unlock All Endings in Lies of P

There are three different endings in Lies of P. One of them is vastly different from the other two, while the others are slightly different conclusions to the tale. Let’s see how you can get each of them.

Lies of P Bad Ending (They All Lived Happily Ever After)

To get this ending, simply give your heart to Geppetto in the Abyss during Chapter XI after beating Simon Manus. Lying or telling the truth won’t interfere with this ending, and the game will end without you facing the real final boss.

It goes without saying that this is simply the worst ending the game has to offer and we don’t recommend going this path. It is ironically called They All Lived Happily Ever After, but nobody gets their happy ending, not even Geppetto’s son Carlo, as he remains a puppet on a string for his father to control. Even Sophia chides you about it, saying “Is this truly the future you wanted?” This route’s solely for completionists.

Lies of P All Endings Give Your Heart
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You get this ending and another one in the same save file by abusing Cloud Save files. Load up your game after giving your heart and refuse the offer. But make sure to visit Geppetto’s Office in the Hotel before doing so to read his letter and get The Story of One Father achievement.

Lies of P Normal Ending (Free From the Puppet String)

To get the regular ending, all you have to do is to tell the truth at crucial moments. This will guarantee that you won’t have enough humanity when you meet Sophia in Chapter XI, and therefore you won’t get the grey hair form.

You know you’re on this path if you haven’t seen the “Your strings are reacting” message that much during your playthrough. If you got the Portrait of a Boy in Geppetto’s office, its nose should be normal at all times.

Some key story decisions you’ll have to make to keep you as a puppet are:

  • Tell the truth about the Puppet Frenzy to Venigni after listening to the King’s transmission. 
  • Let Sophia live after beating Laxasia in Chapter XI.
  • Tell Geppetto he wasn’t trustworthy in Chapter XI.
  • Tell Simon that you liberated Sophia after beating him in Chapter XI.
  • Refuse to give your heart to Geppetto.

You should keep telling the truth (as a puppet would do) whenever possible to keep yourself as you are. Also don’t listen to the Vynil records in Hotel Krat as they increase your humanity. 

After refusing to give your heart to Gepetto, you’ll have to beat the game’s true final boss, the Nameless Puppet. After a very parry-heavy battle (fortunately easier than Simon), you’ll get the neutral ending.

Lies of P True Ending (Rise of P)

The true ending requires having enough humanity before reaching Sophia in Chapter XI. You know you’re set for this ending if you obtain the gray hair form after talking with her. This means lying whenever possible and increasing your humanity by listening to the records in Hotel Krat. If you’ve been getting the “Your heart is pounding” message by the end of the game, this means that you’re on the correct path.

Aside from that, you must collect the Portrait of a Boy in Chapter V and place it in Geppetto’s Office. The portrait is found in the Malum District Town Hall Stargazer teleport. Enter the house and turn left to find a room with the portrait inside.

When you set it up in Geppetto’s office, you’ll notice that its nose will grow as you keep lying. This is the best way to keep track of your lies by the end of the game.

Some key points to lie are:

  • Hide Geppetto’s involvement in the Frenzy to Venigni.
  • Give Sophia peace after beating Laxasia in Chapter XI.
  • Tell Gepetto he was a good father in Chapter XI.
  • Tell Simon you gave Sophia peace in Chapter XI.
  • Refuse to give your heart to Geppetto.
Lies of P All Endings Sophia Choice
Screenshot by Prima Games

After giving Sophia peace and getting the gray hair form, continue the game as usual and beat the Nameless Puppet to get the game’s true ending.


After meeting Sophia in the tower, you can return to the Hotel and visit the Portrait to grab the Golden Lie weapon. Also you can load you save after defeating the Nameless Puppet to visit the hotel and get the Pianist of Krat and The Story of the Blue Butterfly achievements.

Lies of P Endings Explained

During the game’s final moments, you find out that Geppetto was also involved in the many Krat Experiments, and that Romeo’s warning about him not being trustworthy was real. Even Simon warns you about that. 

When you meet him in the Abyss, he explains that his sole reason for unleashing the Frenzy was to revive his deceased son Carlo. The puppet we play was made in its resemblance to help Geppetto in his master plan, and you can choose your next course of action.

If you oblige to his request, Geppetto takes the heart which effectively kills P. He puts it in another Carlo puppet body, which returns as a real boy. Everything looks actually fine, but you later see that “Carlo” killed everyone in Hotel Krat to cover for Geppetto’s involvement in the city’s tragedy and experiments. Despite being a “real boy”, he’s just a puppet moving to his father’s strings.

All NPCs in the Hotel are now replaced by soulless puppets, and you can get the Gepetto’s leather by going to his office.

If you choose the Normal route, Geppetto sacrifices himself not to save P from the Nameless Puppet, but to save Carlo’s heart. He dies in his creation’s hands while saying that he’s nothing but a useless puppet.

But if you get the real ending, things happen just as in the previous route. The difference is that having become a real boy, P actually sheds a tear for Geppetto. The inventor realizes his mistake and asks for forgiveness, dying in his son’s hands.

Lies of P All Endings True Ending
Screenshot by Prima Games

P later finds a puppet body made in Sophia’s resemblance. He approaches the body and gives “Sophia” her Ergo back, essentially giving his life for hers. You can see he still breathes, despite that. He falls into her arms and Sophia awakens, saying that she’s glad to see him. Sophia and P recreate a Pietà imagery before the credits start rolling.

Will Lies of P Have a Sequel?

In the post-credits, you see Giangio dropping his facade and revealing his true role of observing the Krat experiments to his unnamed partner. He reveals his real name as Paracelsus (inspired by a real-life medical figure) and mentions a very specific name – Dorothy – as “another key”. We see a girl in red walking in the city humming to a happy tune and clapping her ruby slippers three times.

So yeah, there’s some ground for a future sequel based on The Wizard of Oz. There’s nothing confirmed yet, but Neowiz is willing to do more darker version of more classical fairytales in their games. And judging by their amazing work in Lies of P, we would definitely hop on these. 

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to get all endings in Lies of P. Be sure to check out our other Lies of P articles, like our review of the game.

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