Is Lies of P Getting DLC? – Answered

Pinocchio's tale is not over just yet

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If you visited the dark streets of Krat in Lies of P, you probably walked out yearning for more. Although the game does a nice job of giving a good conclusion to its story, there are some ends hanging loose that are clearly hinting that the story’s not over just yet. Will we be getting some DLC or a sequel? Time to find that out.

Will Lies of P Have DLC?

Although not officially stated yet, a Lies of P DLC is confirmed to be under production. Game producer Neowiz’s careers page is currently listing a job where its description mentions Lies of P with “DLC under production”. No announcements have been made about the subject, but this is still their official page, so anything listed here should be taken as official.

As this article is being written, the listing hasn’t been removed (as it’s usually the case with similar “leaks”), so they might officially announce the DLC by themselves anytime soon.

A small expansion, if not a complete sequel, had already been hinted at for a while in the game’s final moments. Without spoiling it too much, the post-credit scene just yells “WE’RE NOT OVER YET” at our faces. We might adventure ourselves outside of Krat, and maybe even outside of Pinocchio’s tale.

But as for the content itself, this is still a mystery. The best-case scenario would be getting some exclusive areas with brand-new boss fights along the way. There’s still a particularly mysterious interactable Stargazer halfway through the game that no one has managed to discover its purpose yet. Maybe we’ll work on that when the DLC comes.

Or maybe it could be some smaller-scale content like the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty collab where players could obtain two weapons from Lies of P as a nod. Maybe it’s time for the opposite to happen. The game does have some nice replayability with New Game+, after all.

But personally, I’m still craving for more stupidly powerful bosses to overcome in this game, so we might just as well wait for them to cook.

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