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After completing your whole journey towards humanity (or puppetry) in Lies of P, you might wanna do it all over again. But can you carry over your belongings and a part of your current progress to a subsequent playthrough or do you have to start it all over from zero? Continue reading to learn if Lies of P has a New Game Plus more.

Is There a New Game Plus in Lies of P?

Yes, you can play a New Game + in Lies of P. After making the final choice and witnessing the end (whichever you get), you get the chance to save your game and start a new playthrough with it. You will lose access to the many locations you unlocked, but you will keep most of your belongings in this new playthrough.

You also get a free reset if you want, but you can keep with the same upgrades you just finished the game with. Things will also be slightly different in this playthrough, and you can get some items you couldn’t obtain before.

What Carries Over in Lies of P New Game Plus?

You get to keep the following:

  • Your playing time;
  • All upgrades, from levels to Legion Arms and P-Organ;
  • Weapons and equipment, as well as their respective upgrades;
  • All of your Ergo;
  • Unlocked Gestures and Costumes;
  • All unlocked shapes are available in Geppetto’s Office.

However, you can’t keep the following due to story reasons:

  • Key items that open locations;
  • Books and posters you collected;
  • Bosses’ memento items.

Main Differences in Lies of P New Game Plus

Some things will be different in your second playthrough. The most important is that enemies will be stronger than normal, and that includes bosses. So forget about steamrolling your way to the end. You’ll need to beat everything once again fair and square, but you do have a few extra tricks to use now.

  • The Saintess Statue Stargazer is available at the start to let you reset your build;
  • Upgrades of all sorts can be done at Stargazers at all points in the history;
  • You can now read Puppet Bosses’ dialogues;
  • The Gold Coin Tree is available from the start (there’s a machine dispenser replacing the usual vendor while you don’t meet him);
  • Enemies are scaled up to match your level of strength;
  • Your current “cycle” is marked in your save file.

It’s unclear if starting new cycles makes enemies progressively harder and harder, but it’s fun to know that there are always some new challenges to overcome in the game. You can always pick a new path in a new playthrough to see how far you can come with your truths or lies.

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