How to Get Abyss Tamer Title in Blox Fruits

Become the Abyss Tamer easily.

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Having a title appear before your name when typing in the Blox Fruit chat can show other players exactly what kind of player you are. Let’s find out how to claim the Abyss Tamer title so we can showcase our skills easily.

How To Obtain Abyss Tamer Title In Blox Fruits

You can obtain titles in Blox Fruits by taking on different challenges, and with well over 100 different titles, standing out from the crowd with not only your looks can prove challenging at times. That’s why finding out how to get the Abyss Tamer title quickly is important, so you can show the world the adventures you’ve embarked upon.

To get the Abyss Tamer title, you must have embarked on and completed 50 separate Sea Events, which can be completed in the Second and Third Seas. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to challenge the Ice Admiral in the First Sea, which will unlock the new locations and Sea Events so you can start earning this title. It may take some extra time, but you’ll be ready to become the Abyss Tamer quickly if you participate in any of the events that you come across.

How To Change Your Title In Blox Fruits

If you’re hoping to change your title to reflect your newly found status as the Abyss Tamer, you’ll just need to visit one of two different locations:

  • The Cafè in the Second Sea
  • The Mansion in the Third Sea

Speak to the NPC in these locations, and you can equip a new title. Once you have equipped a title, you’ll see it appear before your name when you type in the in-game Roblox chat. You’ll see your title appear in brackets before your name, so showcase your new title in style.

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