How to Get a Unicorn Head in Tower of Fantasy

Ride around on a mythical, robotic creature.

Tower of Fantasy Unicorn Head Devotee

After first unlocking vehicles in Tower of Fantasy, you may have expected cars and motorcycles. You have even expected a horse or two to shake things up. However, one that you may be surprised about is a robotic unicorn.

The Monocross is a mecha unicorn vehicle available in Tower of Fantasy. You need four unique vehicle parts to satisfy its unlock conditions, which you obtain through various means. If you’re interested in reading more, continue reading to discover how to get the Unicorn Head part for the Monocross vehicle in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get a Unicorn Head in Tower of Fantasy

The Monocross’ Unicorn Head part is a rare drop from Devotee enemies. Devotees are humanoid enemies you’ll encounter around Crown. There are two you can fight:

  • Devotee Eber is at a Stronghold east of the Crown Omnium Tower, near the coastline. Coordinates: 912.7, 397.3
  • Devotee Noah resides in a Stronghold in the northeastern part of the Miners’ Camp. The easiest way to get here is transmitting to the Parliament Spacerift and travelling northwest. Coordinates: 337.4, 212.9

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Unfortunately, the Unicorn Head is a very rare drop from both Devotees. Because of this, you may have to switch between both locations to kill each Devotee in hopes of getting the vehicle part. Despite this, you may obtain it within a few kills if you’re very lucky!

Alongside the Unicorn Head, you also need a Power Core, Bionic Frame, and Cyberlimbs to complete the Monocross vehicle. These other parts require you to access Warren, the fifth region of the game. Be sure to start leveling up your character and suppressor in preparation! You need at least V3.4 to avoid taking damage in Warren.

Once you’ve gotten your hands on all four Monocross vehicle parts, head into your Vehicles menu and unlock the mount. You can now use this fancy unicorn to travel around the world of Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS devices through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Get the Dust Wheeler and How to Use the Map.

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