How to Get a Malignant Heart in Diablo 4 Season 2

Grotesque debtors are here to collect

Malignant Heart Diablo 4
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Varshan might not be the main seasonal boss in Diablo 4 Season 2, but you can still summon a rematch as long as you have a Malignant Heart in hand. Here’s how to get a Malignant Heart in Diablo 4 Season 2.

Where to Find a Malignant Heart in Diablo 4 Season 2

You can get a Malignant Heart item by opening Whisper Caches or by killing Grotesque Debtors within a Blood Harvest event. Whisper Caches are earned by collecting at least 10 Grim Favors and then heading back to the Tree of Whispers. Any time you complete the Whispers of the Dead, you are given a cache with a chance for Varshan summoning parts.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The other consistent method is to take part in Blood Harvest events. As you explore the zone, which is always in blue on the Sanctuary map, there is a chance for a Grotesque Debtor enemy to spawn. These enemies always have a warning and a Malignant Heart symbol will appear on the mini map. Killing them also has a chance for one of four Varshan summoning parts.

When you open any cache or kill a Grotesque Debtor, any four body parts can fall: Malignant Hearts, Blackened Femurs, Gurgling Heads, or Trembling Hands. You need all four of these if you plan on fighting the Uber version of Nightmare Echo of Varshan. In World Tier 3, I only needed three of those parts without the heart.

World Tier 4 requires at least one of each body part placed in the Malignant Altar of the Malignant Burrow. I was able to enter the lair by heading to the Tree of Whispers and looking to the ground on the left. The boss fight with Varshan awaits inside.

For a better idea of how this boss works, check out my guide on how to summon the Nightmare Echo of Varshan in Diablo 4.

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