How to Get a Lantern in Project Slayers

Light up the dark.

How to Get Straw Hat in Project Slayers

Players explore the manga world of Demon Slayer in the newest Roblox experience, Project Slayers. You will come across many different resources and items, and the Lantern is one of the most helpful since the game mode features day and night cycles. 

But before you can illuminate the darkness, you first need to get your hands on one. Here’s how to get a Lantern in Project Slayers.

How to Obtain Lantern in Project Slayers

If darkness is one of your major phobias, getting your mitts on a Lantern should be a primary objective. We have already told you how to get the Straw Hat, but this one is more important.

You cannot pick up a Lantern from any chest, but instead, it can be obtained in exchange for Wen: 600, to be precise. 

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There are a few steps that you need to follow to get a Lantern as it can be obtained only from a certain NPC:

  1. You need first to find Kenzie. She is located in Kabiwaru Village, which you will find south on the map. Sanemi, the Wind Trainer, is your landmark, and just across from them, you will discover Kabiwaru Village. 
  2. Once in Kabiwaru Village, follow the waypoints leading you to Kenzie. 
  3. When you find Kenzie, press E to speak with her, and she will offer you a Lantern for 600 Wen. 
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If you are low on Wen, you can perform easy tasks, such as helping Sarah pick rice, which will get you a solid 120 Wen. 

Congratulations, you got yourself one beautiful-looking lantern that will light up your way in the dark. 

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