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How to Get a Guaranteed Five-Star in Honkai: Star Rail

Prepping for the Starter Banner!

by Jordan Lemons

It is time to save up, Trailblazers! With Honkai: Star Rail set to release on April 26, the game is releasing new content every day as we get closer to launch. In their latest live stream, where hosts Dawei and Bamboo covered story content, direction and more, one of the last things they mentioned was how to get a Five-Star in the Starter Warp Banner.

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How to get a Guaranteed Five-Star Character in Honkai: Star Rail

Screenshot Nabbed from Honkai: Star Rail Youtube Boarding Preparation Special Program

To celebrate the release of the game, Hoyoverse has devoted a special banner called the Starter Event Warp which will run a selection of rare characters that can be retrieved to help build up early a Trailblazer’s party. Characters that will be running on the Starter Event Warp include Yanqing, Bronya, Gepard, Welt, Himeko, Clara, and Bailu. In Genshin Impact, Hoyoverse included a Starter banner that would allow you to wish on a Noelle Banner for only the cost of eight Intertwined Fates.

Honkai: Star Rail’s Departure Warp runs similarly by saving players 20 percent off their first 10-pull on this Starter banner and at 50 Warps, will guarantee Trailblazers their first Five-Star. This is to make sure that players are given a fair chance at getting some strong characters added to the roster and will help expand the type of arsenal you can go into battle with. Although we have only seen a glimpse of the combat in the game, we can expect to run into all types of enemies that are weak to one particular branch a character specializes in. So, obtaining as many diverse characters as you can leaves you prepared to run into any kind of threat. 

Is the Starter Event Warp Banner Here to Stay?

Screenshot Nabbed from Honkai: Star Rail Youtube Boarding Preparation Special Program

Similar to Hoyoverse’s sister games Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, and Tears of Themis, each game has a Gacha system where they have a limited-running banner with special characters, event cards, and more. But they will also always have a standard banner that runs throughout the duration of the game. It builds on its own pity based on how many times the player pulls on that particular banner, but your chances of getting a rare character run the same for all the standard rare characters there. Such as in Genshin Impact, your chances of getting Standard characters are the same for each Five-Star and cannot be changed or controlled. 

It would appear that the Start Event Warp Banner may be a limited time run due to the fact that the Standard Banner is called the Stellar Warp. Dubbed the Regular Warp, characters such as Gepard, Bronya, and Himeko are showcased on this banner with glimpses of the Light Cones that can also be retrieved from the banner as well. True to Hoyoverse’s other games, for every 10 Warps that are made on this banner, it is guaranteed that a 4-Star Entity will come home.

Since the Stellar Warp is permanent, the Start Warp is only available up until 50 Warps. So players can wish on this banner for the chance of a rarer Five-Star and at a much faster pace than what you would get from the Standard Stellar Warp. After the 50 Warps are used up, then it is likely the Banner will disappear. 

Where to Get the Star Rail Passes Needed to Pull for Characters

Worried about not having enough Passes for the Gacha System? Not to worry, Hoyoverse and excited players alike have already been working hard at getting themselves some rewards before the game has even started. Honkai: Star Rail started a campaign to kickstart the game with Preregistration and the goals have already been met, resulting in 20 Free Gacha Pulls for when the game releases as well as a free character, Serval. 

In the game, there are gameplay challenges called Forgotten Hall and Simulated Universe where you can earn a variety of rewards, including free characters. And even though the game just started, we can expect to see a limited-time event running called Boulder town Super League which will offer even more rewards. And naturally, for leveling up in the world, in Trailblazing Will, leveling up will increase your Trailblazer Rank and grant you 10 passes at Levels 5, 15, 25, and 35. 

Lastly, in a grand ‘Thank You’ to the players, A World Beyond will also begin and gift players a total of 10 Passes over the duration of a week. Similar to Genshin’s Anniversary Gift Week where they gift out 1-2 Intertwined Fates every other day, Honkai: Star Rail will be gifting 1-2 Passes each day for a period of seven days with the last day rewarding them 3 Passes. All in all, a total of 10 Passes.

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It has yet to be seen what type of rewards will be available when the game is running henceforth but it looks like for the beginning, the game is handing multiple prizes to Trailblazers to get the ball rolling!

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