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All Registration Goals Met for Honkai: Star Rail

Never underestimate a determined fandom!

by Jordan Lemons

Hey ho, Trailblazers! After releasing their Preregistration Reward List, Honkai: Star Rail has already met its highest goal of 5,000,000 players signing up for the Preorder List of Hoyoverse’s newest game. 

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All Registration Goals Met for Honkai: Star Rail

For those who forgot, Hoyoverse started a Preregistration Reward Event in early February, and for each goal that they passed, players could see a reward of Star Rail Passes, a free character, and currency for the new game. Just a few weeks after, Trailblazers already achieved Tier Four and won themselves a free character named Serval. Now, just when players thought it would be utterly impossible to achieve a five million preorder goal, fans have finally crossed the threshold!

Preregistration Reward List

  • 500,000 Registrants: 50,000 Credits
  • 1,000,000 Registrants: x3 Star Rail Pass
  • 2,000,000 Registrants: “Trailblazer–Welcome” Avatar
  • 3,500,000 Registrants: 4-Star Character Serval
  • 5,000,000 Registrants: x15 Star Rail Pass

Tier Five of the Preregistration Rewards promises to give players 15 Star Rail Passes, Star Rail’s version of what is presumably going to be the Gacha Pulls for its new system. Though, looking at the total accumulation of rewards, you might realize that these numbers don’t equal two 10-pulls. Hoyoverse also set a stretch goal for the Honkai: Star Rail Twitter account reaching 2,500,000 followers for the remaining x2 Star Rail Pass and 50,000 Credits. Something that is no small task for gamers who follow Hoyoverse. So worry not, Trailblazers, you will indeed be seeing your additional two 10-pulls when the game is finally released on April 26.

Hoyoverse sure set themselves a sizeable goal when they first released this list of rewards, but with the game still around two months off, fans took no prisoners when racing over to pile up the numbers. Honkai: Star Rail truly looks to be the game that finally brings fans from both Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact together like a middle school placed in between two elementary school districts. Players of all kinds will be mixing into these new games to form quite an interesting community. 

Jordan Lemons

Jordan is a college student jumping into the world of gaming journalism. Some of her favorite games would include but are most certainly not limited to Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy, Ace Attorney, and Danganronpa.