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How to Get a 3-Plate Medic Vest in COD DMZ

Get your squad right back up.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Medic Vest DMZ

Out of all four plate carriers that were added to the COD DMZ, the 3-Plate Medic Vest is the most underrated by far, and players tend to skip over it. However, it’s hard to beat faster revives in the middle of a team fight, and I can help you find a Medic Vest for yourself so your team has at least one ready to go at all times. Here’s how to get a 3-Plate Medic Vest in Call of Duty: DMZ.

Where to Find a 3-Plate Medic Vest in COD DMZ

The best place to find a 3-Plate Medic Vest is at any Buy Station in the DMZ. All four major zones in the game have Buy Stations with a Bartering System to craft new equipment. As long as you have the right supplies, you can craft the vest you need. Areas like the Koschei Complex will change some of the crafting requirements, but they generally remain the same.

3-Plate Medic Vest Recipe DMZ:

  • 3 Bandages
  • 1 Watch
  • 1 Liquor

Nearly any restaurant-based building will have all the materials you need to craft the Medic Vest in DMZ, which makes it a cheap option if you just need more armor in general. Anyone who is playing solo should try to skip this plate carrier and opt for the 3-Plate Comms Vest option instead, but beggars can’t be choosers.

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One other way to get the vest is to hunt down squads as always. Because of the revive potential of the 3-Plate Medic Vest, plenty of teams will have at least one player fill the role of medic. Take down a team and you can have another vest just like that. Hunting squads is always my favorite method, and it saves me time, but be prepared for the high risk that comes with high rewards.

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