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How to Fix ‘Unable to Connect to World’ Error in Minecraft Bedrock

Let's fix this real quick for you.

by Nikola L

Errors, errors, errors. Errors everywhere. Nothing always goes smoothly in the world of video games. You do not need to be afraid, though. Fixing the “Unable to Connect to World” error in Minecraft Bedrock client is not difficult at all, and our Prima Games team has you completely covered from start to finish.

Keep reading and see how you can get away from this pesky error ASAP.

How to Fix the “Unable to Connect to World” Error in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

There are some simple and some less simple ways to do away with this error. Basically, you need to go through each of these and then try connecting again until you figure out the culprit (that’s troubleshooting for you!).

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

This might sound like a customer support trope, but it can actually resolve many issues so make sure this is the first thing you attempt. Try restarting the game if you haven’t done so already. If you did, try restarting your PC, maybe Windows got dumb for some reason.

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Delete your Friend and Add Them Again

What the title says, basically. It may or may not work, but it takes less than a minute of your time to try it.

Try to Load Your Own World in Minecraft

From the World card in the options, load one of your worlds and start generating it. Once you’re in, hit Save and Exit.
When the world is saved (you will get a “Done!” confirmation message), go back to the Friends card and try to join your friend again.

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Try Joining Your Friend From Another Device

If you have another device from which you can join the server successfully from the same network, try logging in. If it works, the problem may be with your main device.

Log Out of Your Minecraft Account and Log Back In

From Settings -> Profile in-game, you have the option to Sign Out. After doing so, sign back in. When logging in, select “Save to Microsoft Account” instead of “Leave on Device” because there are reports that this can cause the issue.

Check Your Xbox Settings

This one is rather simple. Go to your Xbox Account Settings and then to your Xbox/Windows 10 Online Security tab.
You’ll see a “You can join multiplayer games” setting near the bottom. Make sure it’s set to “Allow”.

(For Xbox Users) Check if Your Xbox NAT is Open

Under Profile -> Settings -> Network Settings, look at the “Current Network Status”, namely the NAT Type. It needs to be Open. And of course, you must not have errors such as “Double NAT detected” or “UPnP not successful”.
Issues behind NAT are mainly due to the limited amount of IP addresses that exist in the world.

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Check Your Firewall and Antivirus Software

With a lot of games, there can be conflicts with security software. You should try temporarily disabling these (one by one if multiple are active) to see if you will be able to play properly. If the answer is YES, then you need to set some exceptions in your security software so that they let Minecraft run free within the boundaries of your system. Try setting exceptions for jawaw.exe and Minecraft.exe, where applicable.

Try Connecting with a VPN

This could be a quick problem checker if you possess a VPN service on your computer.

Check for Driver Updates for your Network Card

Maybe your network card drivers are outdated, who knows? You can use the Device Manager from Control Panel to look up your Network Adapter name and model. With that name and model, you can look up the drivers on Google, download them from the official manufacturer’s website, and install them. If it still doesn’t work, or you have some other issues after installing them, Windows luckily has a rollback option for drivers and you can safely retrieve the old version.

We hope that the troubleshooting has been a success for you. If you’re in the mood, check out the fabled Minecraft creepy-pasta of Was Herobrine Ever in Minecraft? – Answered, or browse through our other Minecraft articles.

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